PTS Automotive in Akron, Ohio, has Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifts for Vehicle Wheelchair Lift & Bus Rear AC Repair

By Fiona Vernon

Many individuals like to remain self-sufficient regarding home and automotive repairs; however, relying on professionals who have years of experience on a specific subject can save a significant amount of money. PTS Automotive is not only a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repair center for domestic and foreign vehicles, but they are one of the only local fleet repair centers that can handle the difficulties associated with shuttle bus, school bus, and transport bus repair and maintenance.  Anyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, who had given up on looking for shops with heavy-duty lifts will be thrilled when they realize that PTS Automotive excels at the tasks that no one else can — including bus rear AC and dual AC, heavy-duty vehicle alignment, and vehicle wheelchair lift repair in transport vehicles for church and shuttles for retirement homes. Everyone from Akron, Ohio, to Richfield, Ohio, looking for general fleet vehicle service and maintenance can rely on the superior customer service and knowledge they find at PTS Automotive.

Baby boomers are the largest living adult generation with a population that has remained around 74 million for several years with approximately 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day. With more retirement communities and nursing homes being built to accommodate this generation, there is a large need for them to be taken to doctor’s appointments and other activities. When facilities from Cleveland to Akron are looking for a shop with heavy-duty lifts for repairs to their transport shuttles for churches or retirement homes, they can rely on the hard-to-find shuttle bus maintenance and repair services that PTS Automotive provides. They also possess the equipment and knowledge for vehicle wheelchair lift repair … another difficult-to-find service. This full-service auto repair center employs a highly experienced staff led by a service manager offering over 45 years’ experience. PTS is constantly upgrading their equipment, making it easier for their technicians to perform every job efficiently.

Whether a school system in Richfield needs school bus repair or a company in North Canton requires general fleet services, PTS Automotive specializes in fleet vehicle maintenance and repair. This local fleet repair center knows that it’s difficult to find a company that boasts the ability to repair bus dual AC systems, especially rear AC repair, and heavy-duty vehicle alignments. One of their current customers had gone two years without a functioning rear AC in their transport bus, because they couldn’t find a local shop who had heavy-duty lifts and other necessary equipment that could handle the job. Individuals who put their faith in PTS Automotive can attest to the valuable customer service and knowledge that they found when they began and continued their trusted relationship.

Everyone knows that once a reliable source is found that can handle any challenge thrown their way, they want to retain that partnership. PTS Automotive is a shop with heavy-duty lifts and is that local fleet repair center with whom customers from Cleveland, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, will find a reliable associate. Companies with transport shuttles for their retirement home or church offer a specialty service that requires a reliable business when they need a heavy-duty vehicle alignment or bus dual and rear AC repair. PTS Automotive specializes in shuttle bus repair and maintenance, so they are trusted by a vast array of customers for their general fleet services, as well as wheelchair lift repair. Everyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Richfield, Ohio, looking for a full-service auto repair center with fleet vehicle maintenance, as well as transport or school bus repair, will be happy with every outcome they experience at PTS Automotive.

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