Residents of Lakewood, Ohio, Looking for a Family Style Dinner with Fresh Handmade Pasta Can Visit La Dolce Vita

By Fiona Vernon

A big family eats a significant amount of food, and the big families from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and beyond love finding amazing restaurants. When it comes to fresh handmade pasta and Italian wines, La Dolce vita is the place to go. Not only does this local Italian restaurant serve authentic Italian cuisine that delivers in both freshness and taste, but they’re also a restaurant that uses local and organic products and ingredients when it is available. With special opera nights for the whole family to enjoy, La Dolce Vita is the perfect restaurant with family style dinner from Shaker Heights, Ohio, or Lakewood, Ohio. As a restaurant that offers the space and prefect fare for rehearsal dinners, this accredited business is also a great graduation party venue. For the people in and around Rocky River, Ohio, dining at this restaurant is a must.

La Dolce Vita is a restaurant and bistro that was created to recapture the bell-époque charm of “The Italian Drug”. In the tradition of the great European bistros, this local Italian restaurant is devoted to providing a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for everything from eight course meals to coffee and Calvino. Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, the residents from Cleveland Heights to Shaker Heights know that this food is to die for and always look forward to their dining adventures when they visit. As a restaurant that uses local ingredients, they strive to prepare the perfect meal, or the perfect cappuccino, for anyone to take in at their leisure. With an authentic atmosphere like the one that can be found at La Dolce Vita, it only makes sense that anyone, whether they are a musical connoisseur or novice, can find fresh and lovely voices at opera night to increase the overall Italian vibe. Not only does this restaurant use organic products, but they also cook their own handmade pasta fresh.

The people living in and around Rocky River are loving the fact that this restaurant serves family style dinner for big families who love to eat. Imagine Sunday dinner at Grandma’s where she brings out heaps of food and every time someone finishes their plate, she brings out even more food. This is exactly the case at La Dolce Vita’s when it comes to family style dinner. When the family runs out of food, it can quickly be replenished. With incredibly irresistible opportunities like this, it’s hard to imagine this famed restaurant offering anything more, but they have plenty of space and food to offer for any celebration. If a resident of Lakewood needs a rehearsal dinner, then this restaurant is the place to call. Not only this, but La Dolce Vita makes the most impeccable graduation party venue. With a patron’s choice in over 200 Italian wines, too, no family, big or small, can resist.

For anyone living from Lakewood, Ohio, to Shaker Heights, Ohio, looking for authentic Italian cuisine, this local Italian restaurant is the perfect place. When it comes to hosting a rehearsal dinner or graduation party, this restaurant always makes the perfect venue with their family style dinner and unbeatable cuisine that will keep patrons coming back again and again with their families. For any family living in and around Rocky River, Ohio, having an ear for song, La Dolce Vita offers Opera Nights for the purest Italian experience. From their fresh handmade pasta to their extensive list of Italian wines, this is a restaurant that uses local ingredients and organic products. Anyone living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and beyond must absolutely make the trek to La Dolce Vita for the best food and atmosphere around.
La Dolce Vita
12112 Mayfield Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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