Propose with an Exquisite Custom Designed Diamond Engagement from Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. The idea of spending the rest of one’s life with someone who loves them for all that they have to offer and knowing that they will be there to support them through thick and thin is comforting. Many times, bridal jewelry has been passed down through a family’s generations, so it may not be as simple as choosing a local jewelry store with the best price. Individuals planning to propose must always be concerned with quality of diamonds and jeweler integrity. Reputable jewelers can offer a wide variety of services, like restoration and repair, as well as quality custom designed diamond engagement rings. Anyone from Hudson, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, who has loose diamonds or vintage rings that have been in the family and are looking to create a diamond ring setting to present to their beloved can visit Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio. Searching for where to have a diamond set can be as easy as asking one’s parents or grandparents, because many near Akron, Ohio, have trusted this local jewelry store for many years. This year is their 90th anniversary, and they are thanking all their customers with a jewelry sale of up to 50% off all on-display jewelry, from Caterina’s custom collection to estate, engagement, and gemstone rings. Anyone can take advantage of their diamonds at wholesale prices, their anniversary sale, and the 90 years’ experience behind their repair, design, and products!

People want to be unique and follow creative trends, yet combine it with the nostalgia and antiquity of tradition. Maybe there has been a diamond passed down through an Akron family for many generations, and with the only daughter planning on an engagement, it’s her turn to decide on creating a diamond ring setting. With the help of the designers at Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, she can have the diamond engagement ring for which she has always dreamed adorning her fingers as a symbol of her husband’s and family’s love for her. By choosing from either this local jewelry store’s inventory of diamonds at wholesale prices, or bringing in family heirlooms with ideas, a beautiful custom designed ring can emerge as a result.

Whether someone from Kent chooses Cevasco Jewelers because their grandmother has always gone to them, or another individual from Hudson was searching for where to have a loose diamond set and discovered their talent, any customer will be happy with their choice as soon as they walk through the doors. Clients will always be made to feel like family at Cevasco Jewelers and will keep coming back when they witness their exquisite, unique custom designed rings. The designer is a fantastic source to consult with, as she draws out the ideas given to her to create a distinctive piece that match the unique person who will wear it. CAD software then produces a portrayal of what it will look like so that the customer can see the exact results of the culmination of diamond engagement ring ideas. No one would want to return to a jeweler who didn’t invest all of their energy into their creations, while infusing each piece of work with honesty and integrity, and that’s precisely what anyone will find at Cevasco Jewelers. Their genuine caring and pristine products are what creates customers for life, but their consistent jewelry sales are an added benefit.

Anyone from Hudson, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, looking for where to have a diamond set that has been in the family for generations can call Cevasco Jewelers in Tallmadge, Ohio. The inspired designer can be trusted with creative ideas when someone wants to create a diamond engagement ring setting unique to one’s prospective fiancé’s personality. This local jewelry store carries loose and set diamonds at wholesale prices, as well as offers an amazing 50% off jewelry sale until December 31st, 2017, on a vast array of their inventory. Anyone searching for a qualified jewelry designer to create the custom designed ring that will symbolize their devotion for all of eternity can be witness to the creativity of 90 years’ experience at Cevasco Jewelers.

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