Lost Pond Construction’s 3D Design Software Can Help Homeowners in Bainbridge, Ohio, Increase Their Home’s Value

By Fiona Vernon

Many homeowners have a difficult time picturing the final look of a proposed remodel in their imaginations, as well as visualizing the process that it would take to get to completion. Many details go into altering any existing design of a home, and each detail needs considered. Calling the design experts at Lost Pond Construction will behoove anyone from Auburn Township, Ohio, to Bainbridge, Ohio, looking for a kitchen, basement, or bathroom remodel, as well as any room in a one’s home. Whether it’s for adding livable square footage in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, or increasing the value of a home in Pepper Pike, Ohio, homeowners will love this reputable home remodeling contractor’s planning process, from a remodeling consultation with 3D design software to the final cleanup, that results in a problem-free project. Anyone who calls this design build firm will know exactly what to expect throughout the entire process.

Many homeowners who initiate any project may not realize that the most important step of the process is in the designing and planning. When Lost Pond Construction arrives at a home in Cuyahoga County for a remodeling consultation, they proceed to take very precise measurements for their 3D design software. The reason that this design build firm can give such precise upfront pricing is that their software creates a comprehensive plan for the layout. By listening to exactly what a homeowner in Bainbridge likes and dislikes about their current arrangement, they know where to focus their changes. If someone is looking to improve their storage space or add livable square footage to their home with a basement remodel, the software can knock out a wall and even change the locations of windows. For a kitchen or bathroom remodel, Lost Pond Construction carries five lines of cabinets that the 3D design software will plug into a plan, along with a vast array of stains and colors, until the exact appearance for which the homeowner is looking is achieved.

Many people from Auburn Township to Pepper Pike believe that if they know exactly what layout they desire, they don’t need the designing aspect at which Lost Pond Construction excels, but every detail of home remodel goes into the software, from how many buckets of grout are necessary to how many light bulbs. There is a flooring layout, electrical layout, countertop layout, lighting layout, and more involved in a remodel, so this reputable home remodeling contractor can offer a solid quote on their plan, since they performed a thorough analysis in the beginning. For example, the lighting layout will include any effect that is desired — LED, cool, warm, or bright lighting, as well as what fixtures or track lighting might be best suited to the client’s tastes. The only circumstances that can change a given pricing structure are if the client requests modifications to the plan or if mother nature interferes with something like an unexpected insect infestation in the walls. Lost Pond Construction’s 3D design software can help anyone fully view the beauty of the completed project, and they even offer the use of virtual reality goggles to actually walk through the proposed modifications!

Lost Pond Construction can help anyone from Pepper Pike, Ohio, to Bainbridge, Ohio, realize their dream home right where they live, while increasing the value of their home and adding livable square footage. This design build firm’s superior process, from the remodeling consultation to their detailed 3D design software, alleviates possible hiccups. Anyone in Auburn Township, Ohio, or Cuyahoga County, Ohio, searching for a reputable home remodeling contractor for a bathroom, kitchen, basement, or any home remodel will be overjoyed with the flawless planning and exquisite work from Lost Pond Construction.

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