Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, & Beyond Can Call A. Stucki Company for 3D Printing Services for Research Prototypes

By Fiona Vernon

Many companies from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Columbus, Ohio, are wholeheartedly entering a world of a new age with additive manufacturing, which is a process by which three-dimensional design is used to build up a component by depositing layers of material onto one another. These 3D printing services range in complexity levels from fixtures to functional electronics, and the A. Stucki Company has used its advanced manufacturing for several purposes – prototypes for research, samples for marketing, test molds for manufacturing, and so much more. This engineering and manufacturing company is taking steps to offer its 3D printing capabilities to organizations who are interested in the benefits of opening themselves up to new opportunities but prefer not to acquire and maintain in-house 3D printing expertise. Any company from Erie, Pennsylvania, to Cleveland, Ohio, looking to reduce costs for research and development toward new products and discover new business opportunities can rely on the experts at A. Stucki Company.

The A. Stucki Company has found that they can be more aggressive in the market place since they have employed the use of two 3D printing machines to make them more competitive. By using additive manufacturing for their own demands, this engineering and manufacturing company has removed the need for traditional tooling and molds and casting processes. They believe that smaller organizations are interested in the same benefits that 3D printing capabilities can offer, so they are now providing their advanced manufacturing capabilities as a stand-alone service from Erie to Columbus, with the intent to soon expand across a larger footprint. 3D printing is the disbursement of melted polycarbonate plastic through a nozzle that’s guided by a digital design file to build a product layer by layer from the bottom up. Each layer can be extremely complex, allowing 3D printers to create moving parts at ten times the speed and one fifth of the cost of using traditional manufacturing methods. Anyone can call A. Stucki Company for samples for marketing from their 3D printing services, because nothing beats having a prototype that can be put right into the prospective customer’s hands.

Whether a robotics group in Pittsburgh produces 3D printed human organs for research and practice for the medical community or an aerospace company in Cleveland wants additive manufacturing to design, test, and manufacture low-volume or one-off parts, advanced manufacturing provides results quickly and economically. A. Stucki Company is now extending their 3D printing capabilities to smaller companies who will not or cannot invest in the 3D printing equipment and labor that can cost up to $50,000. The cheapest ones may produce a subpar product and inhibit, instead of promoting, progress, making it more beneficial to find an engineering and manufacturing company with stand-alone 3D printing services. Their services are ideal for test patterns for casting heavy-duty metal products and scaled down models of large parts for training purposes and so much more. They can produce prototypes for research for cast or molded products that would otherwise require expensive tooling and mold development, as well as test molds for low-volume manufacturing for urethane, rubber, and plastic parts for the automotive, rail, and heavy equipment parts industry. Companies that satisfy their clients and steadily out-perform the competition are the ones that continue to invest in their design and manufacturing process, and A. Stucki Company can help any sized business create the best and most affordable product with cost-effective and rapid turnaround by using 3D printing.

The A. Stucki Company offers stand-alone 3D printing services to any company from Columbus, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, giving them the ability to meet their goals of saving money while speeding up production. Additive manufacturing is changing the way businesses think and is ideal for creating samples for marketing, prototypes for research, test molds for manufacturing, and so much more. This engineering and manufacturing company can help anyone put an exact replica of a design in front of someone when they are presenting a new idea, all while lowering their bottom line and doing so in a fraction of the time compared to using traditional manufacturing processes. Any business from Cleveland, Ohio, to Erie, Pennsylvania, looking for advanced manufacturing can rely on the 3D printing capabilities from A. Stucki Company to stand out from the competition.

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