Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies Makes Fresh Graduation & Birthday Cakes with Edible Images for Portage Lakes, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

The sun is shining, the trees are rapidly filling out, and all is right with the world with summer on the horizon from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio. Many individuals are planning their summer birthday parties and picnics in addition to high school and college graduates around the area are throwing their graduation parties and looking for appropriately themed items. Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies provides fresh graduation and birthday cakes that are never frozen, as well as handmade peanut butter cups and chocolate covered oreos.  This local baking supplier not only offers its 25 years’ experience in designing creative cakes for all occasions, but they can also add edible images to cakes and carry an impressively large selection of candy making and cake decorating supplies, including candy molds and shaped cake pans, for at-home bakers who like creating their own desserts. For those looking to improve their baking skills, Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies also hosts candy making and cake decorating classes for all skill levels on a regular basis. Anyone from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, will find all the supplies, direction, and handmade products that they need for their summer parties at Diane’s!

When anyone from Canal Fulton to Barberton plans a party, there are many aspects that they need to consider. Regardless if they are planning it at their private residence or a local hall or pavilion, they must coordinate the menu. Even if they decide to have it catered, they typically supply the desserts. The owner of Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies boasts over 25 years’ experience, using her passion to drive her to be a leader in the area. This local baking supplier keeps up with common trends, while staying true to years of proven methods. Graduation season is in full gear, and they make fresh graduation cakes with advanced orders, as well as creating graduation themed items — including graduation mints, chocolate favors, chocolate covered oreos, and handmade peanut butter cups —available in various high school and college colors of the area. They also carry graduation trims for cakes, like sugars, picks, caps, and graduate figurines, so that customers can decorate their own creations.

Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies is also licensed to process registered trademark edible images to put on cakes, which is perfect for their fresh birthday cakes. Whether a mom in Massillon is planning her daughter’s 6th birthday party and is looking for a Princess Jasmine cake, or someone in Portage Lakes is planning a family reunion, Diane’s make cakes for all occasions in addition to stocking the largest array of unique candy making and cake decorating supplies in the region. Whether someone needs candy molds or shaped caked pans, this local baking supplier will most likely already have it, but if not, they will know how to find it. They also host cake decorating and candy making classes for the novice, intermediate, and advanced home decorators who would like to keep learning professional techniques. A few specialty classes that they offer are flower making for cakes, rolled fondant coating and trimming, decorative cookie designs, sugar candy art, and even edible image classes. Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies can help anyone keep their creativity alive.

Anyone from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, who is in search of the tastiest and most appealing cake for any occasion can rely on the experienced baking from Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies for fresh birthday or graduation cakes. They are registered to make cakes with edible images from their catalog, as well as supplying graduation themed items, like chocolate covered oreos and handmade peanut butter cups, in many of the colors from the surrounding schools. This local baking supplier not only carries extensive designs in candy making and cake decorating supplies, like shaped cake pans and candy molds, but they also host a range of candy making and cake decorating classes for those who love to be creative themselves. Anyone from Massillon, Ohio, to Barberton, Ohio, can call Diane’s Candy and Cake Supplies for everything necessary to make their graduation or birthday parties this summer a success.

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