Parents in Akron, Ohio, Can Call Fraley Memory Productions for Affordable Creative Senior Pictures

By Fiona Vernon

Summer is here and thousands of students from Hudson, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, are ending their junior year of high school and entering the long-awaited senior year. Children in and around Akron, Ohio, have spent all their lives being told when and where they must be so that they grow to be responsible adults. They have spent hours upon hours studying and working hard to keep grades respectable so that they can gain admittance into the college of their choosing. As they transition from required schooling to endeavors that will define how they spend their financial future, parents usually want to find ways to preserve the memories of these proud moments. The summer before senior year is one of the most popular times to contact one’s local portrait studio to inquire about their senior photo packages. Fraley Memory Productions in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, offers indoor and on-location graduation photography. Whether someone is looking for a traditional headshot for the yearbook picture or creative senior pictures like a sports photo, this affordable professional photographer can accommodate the requests of the future graduate and parents as they capture the celebration of this historic moment.

As children grow, they achieve different things throughout their lives that contribute to them maturing into upstanding adolescents and adults. Parents begin to gradually let their children take over decision-making while they stand by their sides and lovingly guide and support them. As the years pass, casual and professional pictures help to keep each stage of life stored for antiquity’s sake. Maternity photos and kindergarten graduation to church confirmation, senior photos and eventually weddings will be immortalized by Fraley Memory Productions. They cater to the needs of graduates from Fairlawn to Hudson and beyond with their affordable senior photo packages. Each graduate’s personality should shine through in their pictures, whether they are creative senior pictures, senior sports photos, or traditional ones for the yearbook. This local portrait studio utilizes its extensive experience to make each picture reflect this proud moment. One satisfied customer said that “FMP doesn’t take pictures, they capture moments”. This statement sums up how they make each client feel.

The affordable professional photographers at Fraley Memory Productions use their youthful energy to produce the creativity that is necessary to satisfy all their clients. Their local portrait studio in Cuyahoga Falls contains many props and backdrops to choose from; additionally, they offer on-location graduation photography for those in Akron and beyond, whether the picture is in a field of flowers with the sun shining behind the student or said student leaning against a tree reading a book. Farley’s understands that many expenses exist during one’s senior year so their goal is affordable creative senior pictures for all. They believe that memories should be affordable, not a luxury.  If a senior has danced her whole life, why not incorporate that into her pictures? Fraley’s can capture a track runner’s senior sports photo in his uniform displaying all the medals he earned around his neck. Another senior might want to sit in front of a fireplace with the dog that has loved her throughout her life, while her next pose can be on the softball field with her gear. Fraley inspires imagination and keeps memories alive.

A child’s senior year of high school is wrought with memories and nostalgia for the whole family. There are so many plans to be made in preparation for graduation, from researching party locations in Akron, Ohio, to senior photo packages near Hudson, Ohio, and Fraley Memory Productions is the perfect affordable professional photographer to call for assistance with capturing this milestone. They can accommodate traditional senior photos taken at their local portrait studio for yearbook pictures or on-location graduation photography for creative senior pictures, like senior sports photos or sessions sitting with a musical instrument or favorite pet. Anyone from Fairlawn and beyond planning for their child’s high school commencement can call Fraley Memory Productions to let each graduate’s personality shine through.

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