Individuals Can Visit Last Diet Ever in Medina, Ohio, for Medically-Supervised, Rapid Weight Loss

By Fiona Vernon

Many trends present themselves daily, from diet fads to fashion. Society tends to worship youthful and slim bodies, causing desperate individuals to do almost anything to achieve rapid weight loss. This widespread idea causes a lack of confidence, resulting in other issue like depression, anxiety, and possibly eating disorders. It also takes more physical effort to be active as an overweight person (especially if one is experiencing joint pain from the increased pressure on knees and ankles) so they may gravitate toward a sedentary lifestyle, lessening their quality of life. This vicious cycle just continues until the person decides to take control and choose a healthy weight loss system. An immense amount of fad diets have become temporarily popular over the decades, so it is easy to get frustrated and give up when searching for a healthy alternative that would work. Last Diet Ever near Fairlawn, Ohio, and Wadsworth, Ohio, promotes a medically-supervised weight loss program that has supported thousands of people in all walks of life as they successfully lose weight and improve their overall health. Anyone aspiring to lose 20 pounds or more by eating real food can take the short drive from Strongsville, Ohio, to visit the knowledgeable staff at this local weight loss center in Medina, Ohio, and discover answers to questions about how hCG treatments work.

Last Diet Ever promotes the medically-supervised weight loss program originally created by Dr. Simeon, who spent over 20 years testing the foods that are now on the list. If one didn’t experience weight loss on a particular food, it did not make the list; however, some of the protocol has changed with technology. For example, eating canned tuna was not allowed in the 60s, because it was only packed in oil, but canned tuna is now an approved food if the water-packed option is eaten. This local weight loss center staffs a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner, who analyze the medical testing performed on each candidate to approve them. Bodies have three kinds of fat — good fat in the hands and feet, muscles and organs, and excess fat. The science behind the rapid, healthy weight loss of the hCG treatments which targets the abnormal, excess fat — is that as the body converts fat into calories, the need for calories from food is reduced. Each pound of fat converts 1,500 to 2,000 calories of usable energy, so the body needs less calories from consuming food. In Last Diet Ever’s experience, men with large waist measurements lose their excess stomach fat and women who have excess fat in their thighs will have reduced measurements. The calories and nutrients that are consumed are done so in the form of eating real food that anyone can buy from their local grocery store. Some critics from Wadsworth to Strongsville would say that anyone would most likely lose weight on a reduced calorie diet, but the key is in its combination with the hCG treatments as it aims to keep appetite down, keep mood and energy up, and pull from specific fat stores, not muscle.

Last Diet Ever in Medina is one of the centers around the world affiliated with the Pounds to Inches hCG diet treatment plan, and there are questions that seem to consistently present themselves. Many potential clients wonder if they can eat regular food, and the answer is yes! The list of foods that are allowed include healthy foods low in fat and sugar content that anyone can buy at their usual grocery store — essentially eating fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. This local weight loss center carries some unique products for convenience, but none of them are required. While eating lower sugar and less fattening foods while improving their overall health, some people (through the monitoring of their family physician) have experienced the need to decrease or completely stop some of their current medications as their body balances. Others in Fairlawn and beyond weren’t sure if exercise was required while on the program, and while exercising is very important to an overall healthy lifestyle, it is not required during this medically supervised weight loss program. They do encourage individuals to remain at the nationally recommended 20-30 minutes of light activity each day.  Clients routinely report half to one pound of weight loss per day during hCG treatments as the body contour is reshaped, especially the abdomen, buttocks, and hips. Abnormal fat stores are gone without sacrificing muscle mass, like with other low-calorie diets. Questions have also arisen pertaining to the effects on the body’s metabolism; however, it is believed that after the weight is lost, one’s metabolism has been positively affected to help maintain the new weight set point. Clear-cut results are being seen in all ages, individuals in their 60s and 70s are seeing the same results as those in their 20s and 30s.

Everyone who wants to lose weight does so for their own personal reasons, whether it is to gain self-confidence, improve their overall health, or decrease joint pain. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio; Wadsworth, Ohio; and Strongsville, Ohio, can take the short drive to visit with the consultants and medical professionals at Last Diet Ever. This local weight loss center promotes a medically supervised weight loss program that consistently delivers rapid, healthy weight loss by combining hCG treatments with eating real food. The consultants will guide and support anyone desiring significant weight loss through every step of the process, so there will be no confusion at any point. Their mission is to help restore good health and make this the Last Diet Ever!

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