Ohio-Based Direct Action Company Helps with Horse Hoof Growth and Maintenance

While horse hoof care is considered one of the most important duties of any horse owner, many people are somewhat neglectful in their task. But without regular cleaning, trimming and feeding of nutrient-rich horse hoof supplements, horses are at risk for a number of different issues, including infection and lameness. That’s why horse owners are encouraged to frequently check for loose gravel and bits of debris in the soles of their horses’ hooves, as well as to apply hoof dressings and incorporate products for horse hooves in their animals’ daily regimen. Fortunately for those who are concerned with the latter, Ohio-based Direct Action Company offers their Foundation Formula for hoof growth and maintenance. With all of the healthy vitamins and minerals that make up this special blend, you’ll be able to give the horses in your New York, Indiana, or Colorado stables the foundation they need for strong, sturdy hooves.

Crafted with biotin, bio-available zinc, methionine, vitamin A, bio-available minerals and essential amino acids, the Foundation Formula from Direct Action Company provides horses with a rich mixture of ingredients that are designed to promote hoof growth and maintenance. Helping to strengthen the thick, horny coverings that protect the ends of your horses’ legs, this horse hoof supplement from Ohio-based DAC can significantly improve weak, brittle hooves. Studies have even shown that it can optimize hoof wall and frog quality, hoof integrity and strength. Whether you have a young colt or filly that needs extra nutrients for proper hoof growth, or some of the animals in your Indiana, New York, or Colorado stables just have poor quality hooves, Foundation Formula will make for an excellent addition to their daily regimen.

By introducing this product for horse hooves into your horses’ grains, you will be able to boost growth and strength from the inside, helping to give your animals the tough hooves they need to work in the fields, trot around the ring, or sprint down the track. But even though adding DAC’s horse hoof supplement can do quite a bit for your horses, it’s still important to remember regular horse hoof care. Without it, your horses could still suffer from ailments that would prevent them from working or participating in events.

Along with cleaning your horses’ hooves, applying a hoof dressing to improve moisture content and enlisting the help of an experienced farrier for hoof trimming, remember to include products that are specially designed for horse hooves. After all, a horse with tough, sturdy hooves isn’t just a good horse for work and show, but a happy horse too! To learn more about incorporating horse hoof supplements into your animals’ daily regimen, visit Direct Action Company’s website at www.feeddac.com. Not only can you find additional information about their Foundation Formula and how it promotes hoof growth and maintenance, but you can even look for other products that may benefit your animals as well. Give Ohio-based DAC a call at 800.921.9121 if you have any questions or you’d like to locate a dealer near your New York, Indiana, or Colorado stables.

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