Off-Roaders in Las Vegas, Nevada, can Call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a Custom 4L85E

By Fiona Vernon

With spring approaching and the temperatures gradually increasing, individuals are feeling the sun warm their faces more often. It’s a time of transition out of winter when drivers get their vehicles ready for spring and summer activities. Whether someone in Chicago, Illinois, has a GMC Yukon that they need to tweak after some serious off-roading this winter, or another in Sparta, Kentucky, wants to run their Chevy Suburban through the muddy spring terrain before giving it an overhaul, they can both call Gearstar Performance Transmissions to discuss a custom-built GM 4L85E performance transmission. This heavy-duty transmission company can also accommodate the details specific to modifications on Mopar and Ford performance transmissions. Anyone from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Daytona Beach, Florida, looking for a high-performance automatic transmission upgrade for a larger vehicle can rely on the experts at Gearstar Performance Transmissions.

The GM 4L85E high-performance automatic transmission is a great upgrade and the ideal choice for fans of off-roading! What makes it amazing is that it’s from the 4L80E family, which already has a reputation for being strong. The 4L85E can handle slightly more than the 4L80E at 460 foot-pounds of torque. It is the progeny of the legendary three-speed TH400, but boasts the addition of an overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter, and advanced electronic controls, as well as being able to handle up to 16,500 pounds GVWR. Whether someone from Daytona Beach uses their Chevy Avalanche for towing their RV on vacation, or another in Chicago uses it to regularly haul products, these larger vehicles end up carrying more weight than the average vehicle because of their vast storage space and ability to accommodate more passengers. The GM 4L85E heavy-duty performance transmission also boasts a shift improver kit, offering modifications to the internal line pressure, more physical control of the automatic transmission, and a decrease in how long it takes the bands and clutch to engage to reduce heat and wear.

Those who love off-roading on snow, country roads, and desert terrain can call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a custom built 4L85E at the exact specifications necessary to keep their heavy-duty vehicle performing at its best. Anyone from Las Vegas to Sparta who knows the value of finding the right heavy-duty transmission company can count on the experts at Gearstar Performance Transmissions to provide the best in quality and customer service. They maintain consistency during the building process with only one builder handling each project. They don’t walk to the backroom and take a trans off the shelf. Each project is built to exact modifications that any gearhead has made to their vehicle, whether it’s a 528 Hemi needing a customized 4L85E or a mild small block craving a TH350. They DYNO test each finished GM, Mopar, and Ford performance transmission the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure perfection before it ever leaves the facility.

Off-roaders from the desert sands of Las Vegas, Nevada, to the snow-covered terrain of Sparta, Kentucky, can call Gearstar Performance Transmissions when they are looking to upgrade to a custom-built 4L85E transmission that will live up to the reliable, strong standards their modified engine needs. One expert tech at this heavy-duty transmission company follows each commissioned GM, Mopar or Ford high-performance automatic transmission until they DYNO test it and ship the perfect end product anywhere from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Chicago, Illinois. Gearheads everywhere can call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for all their power needs!

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