ATV & Motocross Riders in Columbiana, Ohio, Can Get Ready for Spring Riding Season at East Central Motorsports

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals are getting antsy with the weather starting to show signs of spring. Even if it’s day after day of rain, it means that sunnier weather is on the horizon, and people who simply prefer the feel of fresh air as opposed to being in a car to get from one place to another, know that it’s close to the time when they get their e-bike out of the shed once again. Motocross and casual ATV riders from Columbiana, Ohio, to Streetsboro, Ohio, can also start to go through their inventory, assess their bike or ATV, and get ready for spring riding season. East Central Motorsports in Kent, Ohio, is a Thumpstar, SSR Motorsports, Lifan, and Coolster dealer that offers a full inventory of affordable youth ATVs, pit bikes, and street bikes, as well as comprehensive ATV parts and repair. This local ATV dealer not only offers free layaway on bikes and ATVs, but they also offer sage experience for anyone choosing accessories, like ATV helmets and gloves. Anyone in Ravenna, Ohio, and beyond looking for the best products at the best prices with customer service that goes above and beyond can visit or call the experts at East Central Motorsports.

Perhaps some lucky kid in Ravenna had Santa Claus bring him a pit bike from East Central Motorsports for Christmas last year, and this kid has been asking every day when he can go out riding. Maybe his friend received an ATV for Christmas and the parents, seeing that it was the perfect idea to get their kids out of the house and into the great outdoors, decided to go to this local ATV dealer and take advantage of their free layaway on bikes and ATVs. Whether it’s pre-spring fun or riding on muddy trails in Columbiana, anyone can get ready for spring riding with affordable 110cc youth ATVs starting at $599, pit, or street bikes at East Central Motorsports in Kent. This Thumpstar, SSR Motorsports, and Coolster dealer offers automatic, semi-automatic, or manual shift pit bikes from 70cc to 189cc, the SSR Razkull 125 street bike with more to come, and Lifan e-bikes that offer manual and motor-assisted pedaling, as well as full automatic drive.

Individuals from Columbiana to Streetsboro not only look for local ATV dealers when they are looking for something to ride, but they also look to them for advice, accessories, and ATV parts and repairs. East Central Motorsports has everything necessary to make every ride successful. An ATV helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear any rider can possess and choosing the appropriate ATV helmet is essential for the ultimate in safe and entertainment. The helmet chosen should have the minimum safety standards, marked with a DOT-Certified sticker on the back. The strength will keep one’s head intact while the fit will keep it on one’s head and the experience comfortable. The best fit is found by measuring the head’s circumference one inch above the eyebrows, around the widest part of the head, and converting it to a standard hat size. The helmet should fit snug but cause no pain, and it shouldn’t wiggle or slide when the wearer moves their head. Any certified helmet is better than no helmet so picking the style the wearer likes best is perfect, but there are those suited to different applications. Motocross and street bikes pair well with full-face helmets that have a chinbar that crosses the face to protect it from impacts, and open face helmets without face protection also exist. East Central Motorsports can help anyone decide which is best for their situation.

East Central Motorsports in Kent, Ohio, is the perfect destination for anyone in and around Ravenna, Ohio, to find a wide selection of affordable youth ATVs, pit bikes, street bikes, and e-bikes. With many riders assessing their inventory to get ready for spring riding season, this local ATV dealer offers free layaway on bikes and ATVs, ATV parts and repair, and sage wisdom on choosing the proper ATV helmet and other accessories. Anyone from Streetsboro, Ohio, to Columbiana, Ohio, wanting to visit a comprehensive Thumpstar, SSR Motorsports, and Coolster dealer with a vast array of options will find all that they are looking for at East Central Motorsports.
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