Northeast Ohio Can Find Pumpkin Decorations & Fall Home Interior & Exterior Décor at Linda Henretta Designs

By Fiona Vernon

Fall is their favorite time of year for many people, with its decreasing temperatures and beautiful displays of color. Everyone from New Castle, Pennsylvania, to Medina, Ohio, who loves to get into the spirit of autumn can visit Linda Henretta Designs at Hartville Marketplace Shops and various fall craft shows for affordable interior and exterior décor. Why put out real pumpkins that will rot before making it through the season when this local gift shop has a wide selection of pottery and metal pumpkin decorations that will last year after year. They not only have fall home décor, but they also keep a wide variety of items and gifts in their inventory for people who have everything — including deluxe fruit bird seed, metal wall art work, metal animal art work, tie-dye clothes, India dresses, AA recovery items, and the newest rage, Hip Klips. Whether a homeowner in Rootstown, Ohio, is looking for yard art for Halloween or a college student in Northeast Ohio wants hanging wall décor to make their apartment feel more like home, Linda Henretta Designs has products to suit every personality.

October brings out the creativity in people as they put out their fall home décor, from pumpkin decorations to hay bales and corn stalks. Everyone from Medina to Rootstown can ring in Halloween and Thanksgiving with one visit to Linda Henretta Designs at Hartville Marketplace Shops on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays from 9 to 5pm. Shopping for gifts for people who have everything can be frustrating, and this local gift shop is the best place to find perfect presents for others and for oneself. Linda Henretta Designs will also be at The Ellet Band Booster Fall Craft Show on November 10th, 2018, with a wide selection of exciting products. She stays up with classic and fun styles with tie-dye clothes, as well as more comfortable and modern styles like India dresses, which are free flowing one-size fits all apparel. Relationships are all about supporting each other, so she stocks a variety of AA recovery items.

Women who don’t like carrying around a bulky purse will love the convenience that an exciting product offers. Linda Henretta Designs carries Hip Klips, which are perfect for carrying phones, medication, and other items someone wants at their fingertips. They come in different sizes and patterns, as well as thermal, waterproof, and plain variations and clip right to a belt or the waistline of clothes. This local gift shop stays updated with affordable interior and exterior décor for every holiday and season change with hanging wall décor that includes metal art work in celestial themes with suns and moons watching over the household. She also offers a vast array of yard art, like metal animal art work, that are perfect with which to get festive. Not only do people in Northeast Ohio enjoy fall, but so do all the animals who are either getting ready to fly south or hibernate. Everyone in New Castle and beyond can visit Linda Henretta Designs to help their wildlife friends with a choice from a great mix of bird seeds, including their best seller, deluxe fruit bird seed.

October brings about many events from Rootstown, Ohio, to New Castle, Pennsylvania, to celebrate the change of the seasons with Oktoberfests and fall craft shows. Linda Henretta Designs not only takes part in shows with her affordable interior and exterior home décor, but she also provides a variety of gifts for people who have everything at Hartville Marketplace Shops. This local gift shop has metal animal yard art, metal wall art work, and deluxe fruit bird seed for one’s own home; additionally, there are other pieces with which to spoil someone, including tie-dye clothes, India dresses, Hip Klips, and AA recovery items. Everyone in Medina, Ohio, and all Northeast Ohio looking for hanging wall décor and pumpkin decorations will find all the fall home décor they need at Linda Henretta Designs.

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