Drivers in Mogadore, Ohio, Can Rely on AJ’s Transmissions for Transmission Slipping & Diesel Transmission Work

By Fiona Vernon

With the crisper mornings of fall now a reality and the beauty of the trees telling everyone from Portage Lakes, Ohio, to Mogadore, Ohio, that the cold mornings of winter are right around the corner, drivers need to be considering how to best prepare their car for winter to prevent breakdowns. It’s important to understand the best ways to obtain fuel efficiency and make cars last, so knowing how cold weather affects a car and how long to warm it up are essential to having a vehicle that continues to function well. AJ’s Transmissions provides affordable transmission repair, as well as remanufactured transmissions, when someone’s check transmission light is on or they are experience transmission slipping. Whether a snow plow operator in Uniontown, Ohio, is looking for diesel transmission work before the snow falls or another in Greentown, Ohio, has a commercial vehicle or passenger car that won’t go into gear, this local transmission shop offers free transmission diagnostics and car repair financing with superior service and upfront pricing.

Studies show that vehicles are staying on the road longer with advancements in automotive technologies over the past few decades. The internet has also helped people to stay more informed on how to better care for their vehicles. Some problems can be solved by a car owner; however, it behooves drivers to have a reliable local transmission shop they can trust for affordable transmission repairs when they notice that their check transmission light is illuminated. AJ’s Transmissions has been serving the community for over 25 years, is family owned and operated with father and son working side by side, and knows the intricacies of the complexity of each component in a transmission. They know how the cold weather from Mogadore to Uniontown affects a car and have all the solutions for any sized issue, from when a car won’t go into gear to simply helping someone to prepare their car for winter to keep their family safe. The family at this local transmission shop live in the area and have been racing all their lives so also excel at high-performance and diesel transmission work, while offering free transmission diagnostics and car repair financing, because they know that many people lack the means to have rainy day savings.

How long to warm up a car? The average American believes that modern cars need to warm up for at least five minutes when the temperatures are below 32 degrees; however, industry experts give many reasons why this is a fallacy. Older cars that relied on carburetors needed to warm up to work well so that the carburetor would get the right mix of air and fuel. During the 80s and 90s, electronic fuel injection replaced carburetors, and they use sensors that adjust to temperature conditions to get the right air and fuel mix. The negative aspects of letting a car idle to warm up for more than 30 seconds are that it wastes fuel and gives off greenhouse gas emissions. Drivers from Greentown to Portage Lakes who are concerned about the transmission fluid viscosity being too thick and causing transmission slipping when it’s cold can be sure that 30 seconds is plenty and that it will continue to warm-up while driving. If the car isn’t going into gear or there is a grinding noise or slipping, there is most likely a bigger issue, and AJ’s Transmissions offers free diagnostics, affordable transmission repair, and remanufactured transmissions if it ends up being necessary.

Every driver who has spent any time in the cold winters from Uniontown, Ohio, to Portage Lakes, Ohio, knows that preparing their car for winter is essential to staying safely on the road. The debate on how long to warm up a modern car suggests that it’s not necessary for more than 30 seconds unless the benefits of a warm car and thawed windows are worth it. When someone notices their transmission slipping or that their car won’t go into gear, they can rely on the experience and knowledge provided by AJ’s Transmissions. This local transmission shop not only offers car repair financing on their affordable transmission repairs, remanufactured transmissions, and diesel transmission work, but they also provide free transmission diagnostics when someone notices their check transmission light is on. Drivers from Mogadore, Ohio, to Greentown, Ohio, can rely on AJ’s Transmissions when they need a company that is experienced on how the cold weather affects a car.

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