Middlefield, Ohio, Calls First Glass Window & Door for Home Improvement Financing on Spring Home Projects

by Fiona Vernon

While many people are not feeling very motivated in the middle of winter, it’s the perfect time for homeowners from Middlefield, Ohio, to Massillon, Ohio, to start thinking about the projects that they would like to embark on in the spring. One of the most common things to be concerned about is the condition of their windows and doors. Older windows will show signs that it is time to replace them — including condensation that won’t go away, feeling a draft coming in from around them, and an increase in utility bills. When it’s time to call a reputable window and door company, First Glass provides affordable energy efficient residential window replacement and storm door installation. They work year-round at stopping cold air drafts, increasing a home’s security, installing basement egress windows, and lower heating bills. They even customize projects according to each person’s needs, from adding bay windows to sliding doors, and make it easier on their customers’ wallet with home improvement financing. Homeowners from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to Parma, Ohio, can call First Glass Window and Door at 234.706.5094 today to get started with a free estimate!

When cabin fever sets in, many homeowners from Massillon to Chagrin Falls begin to plan their spring home projects. It’s typically filled with necessities, like cleaning out the gutters and trimming the plants from the parts that didn’t approve of winter, but many people will add at least one major overhaul each year. When the windows are showing signs of wear, First Glass is just one phone call away. The owner makes each project personal by bringing his years of experience with him. It’s the perfect time of year for homeowners to make it easier on their wallets by using their tax refunds to get started. This reputable window and door company also wants to help ease the financial burden by offering home improvement financing options on their already affordable energy efficient window replacement and storm door installation.

Signs that a window is not doing its job properly include being foggy or having water condensation between the panes of glass. Some is normal, but it can cause damage to a home if it doesn’t go away. The excess moisture allows mold and mildew to grow, can rot a wooden frame, and damage the interior wall. Cold drafts coming in from around windows and doors can indicate that the weatherstripping is worn out or that the seal for the window is leaking. It must also have an appropriate infiltration rating for the environment in which it’s being used. Studies have shown up to a 75% return on investment when someone elects to invest in replacement windows. A portion of the savings can also be attributed to bringing down the utility bills that skyrocketed from the furnace having to overcompensate for the failing windows. Whether someone in Parma wants to lower their heating bills or another in Middlefield wants to improve their home’s value by adding sliding doors or bay windows, First Glass has experience in every area.

It isn’t very often that any homeowner from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to Middlefield, Ohio, needs to go in search of a reputable window and door company, so when they are in search of superior products and service, they need look no further than First Glass. Their affordable energy efficient window replacements and storm door installation speaks for themselves, but it doesn’t end there. They customize spring home projects when someone wants to add sliding doors or bay windows. When someone in Parma, Ohio, has condensation in their windows that won’t go away or another in Massillon, Ohio, wants to lower their inflated heating bills by stopping cold air drafts, First Glass offers home improvement financing. Let them help with a free estimate!

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