Li Asian Cuisine Brings Authentic Asian Food to Stark County, Ohio

When was the last time you had real, authentic Asian food? Not the kind that you find in the frozen food section of your local grocery store, or the greasy, salty items you pick up at the food court—but truly delicious Asian dishes prepared with quality ingredients by chefs skilled in this particular type of cuisine. A few months? Years? Never? Then it seems like you need to take a trip to Li Asian Cuisine as soon as possible. This Stark County, Ohio establishment gives locals the opportunity to partake in decadent meals while still providing the affordable dining we all want. And if you’ve been searching for an Asian restaurant coupon in order to enjoy a reasonably-priced meal with a group of your loved ones near the Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio area, Li Asian Cuisine offers great deals online.

General Tso’s Chicken

Whether you want a sit-down meal with friends or carryout to take home to your family, Li Asian Cuisine offers a great selection of authentic Asian foods to please even the pickiest palates. With classic dishes like General Tso’s Chicken and unique courses such as the Seafood Tofu Pot, Li Asian Cuisine’s menu is a diverse collection of delicious Asian dishes. When you view this Stark County restaurant’s menu, you will be impressed by the number of mouthwatering items they have available. And not only are these items expertly-prepared by trained chefs, but they are also offered at a reasonable price—something we can all appreciate. Along with the affordable dining you get from Li Asian Cuisine on a daily basis, you can also take advantage of the great deals they have online.

Looking for an Asian restaurant coupon to enjoy lunch with your Massillon friends or dinner with your Canton family? Then Li Asian Cuisine can certainly help with that. By visiting Li Asian Cuisine’s page on, you will be able to view the various coupons they have available every month. And October is the month when you can receive $10 off your dinner of $60, or $5 off your lunch of $20. Not bad! Simply visit and search for Li Asian Cuisine. By clicking on the ‘Print Savings’ button, you’ll be able to print off this handy coupon and save on your visit to Li Asian Cuisine for sit-down or carryout.

Angry Dragon Roll

If you’re craving authentic Asian food, you shouldn’t have to settle for something you find in the grocery store or at the mall. You deserve truly delicious Asian dishes, and that is exactly what will get when you visit this Stark County, Ohio establishment. To find out more about Li Asian Cuisine and the affordable dining they offer to customers, go to or call 330.493.9767. Just remember to print your Asian restaurant coupon from before leaving your Massillon, Ohio home and heading over to 4695 Dressler Rd NW in Canton, Ohio.