Kent, Ohio, Can Find Christmas Gifts for a Flower Child & CBD Edibles at Not Fade Away Glass Boutique

By Fiona Vernon

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way” to Not Fade Away Glass Emporium for a wide assortment of Christmas gifts for hippies. This local head shop and smoke boutique boasts one of the best selections of hand-blown glass tobacco pipes, waterpipes, and vape pens from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio. They also know that individuals who take advantage of the benefits of CBD have different methods of consuming it, so they not only stock glass hand pipes and rolling papers, but they also offer CBD oils and edibles. This hippie store has affordable items that support the mentality of peace and love from the counterculture of the 1960s — including tie-dye and other hippie clothes, incense and holders, Buddha statues, decorative patches for clothes, and colorful scarves and tapestries. Whether a woman in North Canton, Ohio, is looking for gifts for their flower child mother or another in Tallmadge, Ohio, wants Grateful Dead paraphernalia, Not Fade Away Glass Emporium (330.835.4707) has gifts for people who have everything.

There are many people who respected the non-conformity of the ‘60s and continued to live that way as they aged, striving for peace in their souls and love in their hearts. Many have passed that mentality onto their children, creating new generations of hippies. Not Fade Away Glass Emporium was established so that anyone from Kent to North Canton can walk through the doors and be transported back in time. They not only have Grateful Dead paraphernalia, from T-shirts to board games, but they also have hippie clothes and interior décor to keep the positive vibes alive in everyday life. Placing a Buddha statue facing the front door of a home attracts positive energy, or chi, while repelling negative energies, and this hippie store has cool, mosaic, reflective ones to keep the recipient awakened. Christmas is coming, so shoppers who are looking for gifts for a flower child or hippies can check boxes off their shopping list at Not Fade Away Glass Emporium with their vast array of affordable tie-dye clothes, incense and holders, colorful tapestries and scarves, and decorative patches for clothing with rainbow peace signs and other symbols of the ’60s.

Some people purchase items for their loved ones throughout the year while others wait until November to even consider Christmas shopping. The perfect gift that gives year-round for anyone from Tallmadge to Cuyahoga Falls experiencing chronic pain and anxiety while dealing with the major life changes can be found at Not Fade Away Glass Emporium (330.835.4707). They not only have gifts for people who have everything, but they are aware of the benefits of CBD and provide a variety of methods of consuming it. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most prevalent ingredient in the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant, and has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments — including insomnia, diabetes, seizures, and cancer symptoms. This local head shop has CBD oils and edibles, such as gummies, that are effective for numerous complaints. They even have CBD dog treats for fur babies that are afraid of thunderstorms. This local smoke boutique also excels in their knowledge and boasts an impressive inventory of high-end hand-blown glass pieces, including waterpipes and glass tobacco hand pipes. Their variety consists of seasonal pieces, like Jack Skellington for Halloween, as well as artistic designs that keep a smile on each user’s face. Not Fade Away Glass Emporium completes their collection with vape pens and rolling papers.

While a number of people from North Canton, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, excel at getting Christmas shopping done on time, others are struggling to finish up on Christmas Eve. No matter the individual, Not Fade Away Glass Emporium can provide gifts for hippies and for people who seem to have everything, from Buddha statues and hippie clothes to incense with holders and decorative patches for clothes. This hippie store has affordable tie-dye clothes, a timeless classic worn by all age groups. They are also a local smoke boutique with products that cover different methods of consuming CBD that include waterpipes, vape pens, glass tobacco hand pipes, and rolling papers. Whether someone in Tallmadge, Ohio, is looking for gifts for a flower child, such as colorful scarves and tapestries, or another in Kent, Ohio, wants to take advantage of the benefits of CBD oils and edibles, Not Fade Away Glass Emporium is the perfect local head shop to visit for Grateful Dead paraphernalia and a variety of hand-blown glass. Stop in today!

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