Homeowners in Ashland, Ohio, Trust Brightside Metal Roofing to Help Keep Their Houses Warmer in the Winter

By Fiona Vernon

It’s the time of year when people have to bundle up just to walk down their driveway to get the mail. Business and homeowners from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Ashland, Ohio, are always looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in the winter, and Brightside Metal Roofing can help replace a roof before winter with their extensive knowledge and products regarding commercial and residential metal roofs. Logic dictates that a metal roof would be warmer in the summer with the hot sun beating on it; however, studies have shown that they can be even more effective at keeping a house warmer in the winter than asphalt shingles. This local metal roof manufacturer can help metal roofing contractors and DIY-ers alike who are interested in the benefits of metal roofing with their metal roofing supplies, from metal roof panels to trim. They even have metal roofing accessories to complete every detail — which includes color matched roof fasteners, roofing caulk, vent ridges, skylights, and so much more. Everyone from Bolivar, Ohio, to Atwater, Ohio, debating a metal vs an asphalt shingle roof can rely on Brightside Metal Roofing (330.805.4505) to answer all their questions on how to lower their utility bills!

Extreme temperatures can cause nearly anything to deteriorate, from people and pets to cars and homes. 83% of the sun’s energy is reflected away from a metal roof, savings energy costs as they are more than twice as reflective as asphalt shingles. Many homeowners from Ashland to Bolivar spend more on winter heating and are always searching for ways to lower their utility bills. One study found that the temperature of the surface of a metal roof stayed within five degrees of asphalt shingles. Interestingly, they also discovered that the sheathing below asphalt shingles consistently dipped as much as 15 degrees below the ambient temperature while the airspace below the metal roof never fell below the outdoor temperatures. These findings are significant when comparing a metal vs asphalt shingle roof when people want to know how to keep their house warmer in the winter. When an individual wants to take advantage of the benefits of metal roofing and replace it before winter, Brightside Metal Roofing provides a wide selection of metal roofing supplies, accessories, and advice.

This local metal roofing manufacturer can provide the supplies for which metal roofing contractors from Atwater to Cuyahoga Falls are looking in 16 different colors, from metal roof panels to trim. Sometimes it’s better to call in the professionals, since the right materials and techniques are the key to less heat transfer. Various installation practices can have a major impact on increasing energy efficiency in the winter, such as choosing a felt versus a synthetic underlayment for the right bonding to the substructure. Brightside Metal Roofing not only applies years of knowledge, they also provide the accessories to finish every detail, from roofing caulk and color matched roof fasteners to skylights and vent ridges. Home and business owners looking for a local metal roof supplier for commercial or residential metal roofs can trust the expertise of Brightside Metal Roofing for 24-hour turnaround, reliable deliveries, high-quality products, a pleasant ordering process, and outstanding customer service.

Keeping a house warmer in the winter is a major concern as the decreasing temperatures remind homeowners of their high gas and electric bills from the last year. Brightside Metal Roofing can help anyone from Bolivar, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, lower their utility bills. This local metal roof supplier provides the benefits of commercial and residential metal roofing to contractors with their vast array of high-quality supplies and accessories. These include, but are not limited to, metal roof panels and trim, caulk, vent ridges, skylights, color matched roof fasteners, and everything necessary for a project. They help those looking to increase the energy efficiency of any building in the winter. Residents from Atwater, Ohio, to Ashland, Ohio, who understand the effectiveness of metal vs asphalt shingle roofs and are looking for a reliable local metal roof manufacturer can count on Brightside Metal Roofing to replace their roof before winter.

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