Jay’s Auto Sales Allows Medina, Ohio, to Use Their Tax Refund as a Down Payment on a Car

by Fiona Vernon

The new year is the time when many people contemplate their futures and what they can do to improve their lives. While many individuals who make New Year’s Resolutions tend to focus on health and finances, others may concentrate on making their lives more efficient to reduce their stress levels. Drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Lodi, Ohio, can rely on the compassionate and knowledgeable staff at Jay’s Auto Sales to help them improve their convenience, reliability, and state of their wallets with affordable used cars and trucks. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer realizes that life happens. They love nothing more than helping people no matter where they are in the process, from first time car buyers needing to build their credit with a car loan to helping someone reestablish their credit. It’s hard to resist visiting this local used car lot with the multiple ways that it helps drivers — such as those who want to buy a vehicle with a senior or military discount, affordable car repairs, to use a tax refund as a down payment, and the best used car warranty. Drivers from Orrville, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, who appreciate superior products and customer service will never go anywhere else after an experience with Jay’s Auto Sales. Call 330.334.1080, visit in-person, peruse their inventory online, and even get started by filling out an online car loan application.

Jay’s Auto Sales was established over 35 years ago to help drivers who have experienced some of the worst that life has to offer. They know that bad things happen to good people and want to be the ones to offer them a chance at improving their lives. Whether someone in Lodi is a first-time car buyer and needs a car loan to help them build their credit or another in Orrville has hit hard times and needs help reestablishing their credit, this Buy Here Pay Here dealer can help them get behind the wheel of a reliable and affordable used car or truck. It may be less stressful to know that people can use their tax refunds as a down payment on one of the high-quality cars at Jay’s.

They not only offer the benefits of helping their customers save money by allowing them to buy vehicles with senior and military discounts and the best used car warranty from Akron to Medina, but they also pride themselves as being a local used car lot with a comprehensive service center. Their experienced staff offers affordable car repairs on any challenge presented to them, as well as being the last stop before one of the chosen vehicles goes on the lot. Jay’s put every vehicle through rigorous inspections before ever being approved to represent them. They are so confident in the quality of what they sell that they offer discounts if a vehicle needs repairs after the 30-day, 1,500-mile warranty expires. Eight out of ten people rely on Jay’s because of the satisfaction of past customers.

Whether first time car buyers in Orrville, Ohio or an experienced driver from Medina, Ohio, is in the market for a car loan at a Buy Here Pay Here dealer to help them either reestablish or build their credit, they can rely on the experience of Jay’s Auto Sales. This family-owned local used car lot not only offers senior and military discounts for those who want to buy a vehicle, but they also allow people to use their tax refund for a down payment. In addition to providing the best used car warranty on every vehicle, they offer discounts on their already affordable car repairs even after the warranty has expired. Drivers from Akron, Ohio, to Lodi, Ohio, who want to keep their family safe will love the affordability of the used cars and trucks they find at Jay’s Auto Sales. Call or stop by today!

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