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When designing a gym for your Huntsville, Alabama; Birmingham, Alabama; or Columbus, Georgia facility, you need to keep in mind that your guests will prefer different machines depending on their personal health and fitness levels. For instance, while some users may spend most of their time working up a sweat by running on treadmills or using elliptical crosstrainers, others will focus on another type of commercial fitness equipment that provides a low-impact workout. Though gym bikes may not be as popular as they once were, they’re an excellent choice if you want to cater to beginners and those with joint problems. And since giving exercisers several different options means they’re more likely to return to your facility, purchasing a few indoor cycles will prove to be a great investment for your commercial facility. Fortunately for those in the Southeast region, Fitness Equipment Sales offers commercial exercise bike sales, installation, service, and repair. So, if you’re interested in putting a few stationary or recumbent bikes in your facility, you’ll definitely want to give this Atlanta, Georgia-based company a call.

As far as commercial exercise bike sales go, Fitness Equipment Sales has a wide assortment of products available. If you want to provide bike enthusiasts with the most realistic experience possible, you may want to peruse FES’ inventory of indoor cycles from Schwinn, Keiser, Spirit, and SportsArt. Lightweight and durable, these cycles are designed to mimic the act of bike riding. The latest versions of upright and recumbent stationary bikes also allow users to feel as though they’re peddling down their favorite trail with interactive and realistic console video. Plus, commercial exercise bikes from LifeCore, SportsArt, Spirit, and TRUE don’t require as much floor space in your facility as do treadmills and elliptical crosstrainers. If you want to ensure that your facility meets the needs of those who want a comfortable, enjoyable workout and a variety of equipment choices, the TRUE, Spirit, SportsArt, and LifeCore recumbent and upright bikes from FES are certainly worth a look.

Along with having virtually every type of gym bike on the market, this Atlanta-based company also provides apartment communities, health clubs, schools, hotels, and rehab centers with installation and after-sale care. Once you determine which commercial exercise bikes best fit your own Birmingham, Huntsville, or Columbus facility, you can then enlist the help of FES to deliver and set up your new machines. To ensure that all your commercial fitness equipment continues to perform properly, Fitness Equipment Sales offers preventative maintenance options as well. Plus, their trained technicians will visit your facility in person in the event that any of your fitness equipment, including one of your upright stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, or indoor cycles, isn’t working as it should.

Gym bikes are simply a must-have in any commercial fitness facility. They provide a great option for those in need of a low-impact workout. Visitors to your Birmingham, Alabama; Huntsville, Alabama; or Columbus, Georgia facility will appreciate the fact that they can kick back with a magazine while still getting a workout on one of your commercial exercise bikes. To learn more about the upright stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, and indoor cycles offered by this Atlanta, Georgia area company, visit You can also ask about installation, repair, and service by giving them a call at 770.908.0000.

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