Individuals can Call Fairview Log Homes for Perfect Log Cabin Placement in Wheeling, West Virginia

By Fiona Vernon

Once childhood is over, adolescents begin to plan for college and their future, which leads to young adults graduating from college, diving into their chosen careers, and starting families. Throughout the years, they happily live their life and plan occasional fun and relaxing times between daily responsibilities. Frequently time is limited with week nights being taken up by children’s extracurriculars and homework or people simply being too tired after work to do much besides mow the lawn or cook dinner. As individuals from Dayton, Ohio, to Wheeling, West Virginia, feel the pressures of life weighing on their shoulders, they begin to wonder what they can possibly change to induce relaxation and lessen stress. Anyone from Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and beyond can call Fairview Log Homes when they are tired of looking out their bedroom window to the view of a very close neighbor and a lot that is less than ¼ acre. When wanting to improve location and find a place more restful than the suburbs, people start considering log cabin placement. One call to this local turnkey contractor can start the process of having them build a custom wooden home in a serene neck of the woods in and around Wayne County, Ohio.  These affordable log cabins can be moved into now and be kept as a log home for one’s retirement. The cabin builders of Fairview Log Homes strive to help people obtain their dream home in a beautiful and relaxing location.

An affordable log cabin in the woods of Wheeling can provide considerable incentives, such as moving away from city life and more toward parks, forests, and other green spaces. There are many options when it comes to real estate. If the log cabin placement an individual chooses is located in a mountainous region in and around Wayne County, they can use it as their family home and live in it year-round. However, vacation rental companies have seen an increase in demand for log cabins in densely wooded areas, providing another option of having Fairview Log Homes build it now and offer it as a vacation rental. It can be a popular and profitable method of paying on a log home for retirement, while one keeps living in their current house. According to some studies, almost half of vacation-homeowners can cover 75% of their mortgage by renting to travelers.

Many people find renting their custom log cabin out as an exciting option but just as many would rather obtain their dream home and take advantage of the perks of living in their custom wooden home in Cuyahoga County. People who have considered hiring cabin builders for their dream home in Dayton and beyond, may have tranquil thoughts of the wind whispering through the trees on a summer night and the open lighting that a custom wooden home layout can provide.  Family-owned and operated Fairview Log Homes has constructed well over 250 log homes over the past 37 years with the goal of creating an enjoyable and highly rewarding experience for the new homeowners. This local turnkey contractor will be involved and create a smooth home building process from design to site prep to the smallest detail. Their standard homes include:

  • 8-inch log exterior walls
  • Log rafter roof system
  • Full log dormers and gables
  • Cedar exterior and interior trim
  • 10-inch block foundations
  • Custom wood flooring
  • Anderson windows and patio doors
  • ProVia entry doors
  • 6-panel pine interior doors
  • Delta plumbing fixtures

Numerous custom features can be added — including character posts, fireplaces, corner details, wrought iron railings, and custom tables and furniture.

Anyone from Wheeling, West Virginia, to Dayton, Ohio, who are imagining waking up in their custom wooden home, walking to the kitchen and sitting at one’s rustic log dining table to drink coffee can call Fairview Log Homes for a smooth, enjoyable home building experience. As the family sits and looks through their sliding door to the dense woodland outside and sees the deer grazing in the field, they love their choice of log cabin placement and this beautiful log home for their retirement in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. The affordable log cabins that this cabin builder can offer to those in Wayne County, Ohio, and beyond will satisfy anyone wanting to retreat from the normal stresses of life and find a place to escape reality.

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