In-House Financing Let’s More People Get a Car Loan at Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio

A fair shake is a rare find. It seems like companies care more about profits than they do about people. And when you have bad credit, you’re often treated like a pariah – especially when you try to get a car loan. Folks in Rittman, Ohio and Norton, Ohio who have experienced unemployment, divorce, or bankruptcy know this is true. As does everyone else in Northeast Ohio who has ever been set back by life’s surprises. Fortunately, many discovered Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth, Ohio where people still care about people. Here, getting a car with bad credit is more probable than possible.  And chances are you can find a used car and get in-house financing at Jay’s Auto Sales too.

The process that most know as buy here pay here is an empowering opportunity at this used car dealership. Granted the premise is the same since you get a car loan from the dealership and make payments to the dealership. The potential is much greater. By that we mean, most buy here pay here dealers do not operate respected businesses. Nor do they practice credit reporting. This adds up to a one-sided relationship where the best benefits remain on the side farthest away from you.

Jay’s Auto Sales in Wadsworth is distinct from such operations in a number of ways. The differences begin with the dealership’s reputation and continue into your future. You see, this dealership is rated A+ by the BBB. When you consider the history of the used car industry, an exceptional rating by perhaps the best known consumer agency in the country speaks volumes! And the team at Jay’s Auto Sales reports to the major credit bureaus. This takes getting a car with bad credit up a notch as it also helps people like you reestablish themselves with the bureaus.

If you’ve been trying to find a used car and found difficulty in getting a car with bad credit, we realize that you may not want to think about credit bureaus right now. But should you find a used car and get a car loan at Jay’s Auto Sales, your timely payments and their timely reporting can help you get back on track. The sweet combination has worked for single parents from Rittman, part-time workers from Norton, and a slew of other people in Northeast Ohio. Per the flexibility that in-house financing affords the team at Jay’s Auto Sales, it can also work for you.

We say flexibility because providing in-house financing eliminates the rigid rules that banks and other lending institutions follow. It opens doors that would otherwise be slammed shut, and it stops getting a car with bad credit from being impossible. To experience the difference, visit or stop by Jay’s Auto Sales today. You’re sure to find a used car that will make getting around Rittman, Ohio; Norton, Ohio; and outside of Northeast Ohio easier. And should you get a car loan from Jay’s Auto Sales, your future credit purchases could be easier too. If you have questions, feel free to call the dealership at 330.334.1080 and be sure to ask about the free 30-day/1,500-mile warranty.

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