Homeowners Will Love the Benefits of New Energy-Efficient Window Installation from Direct Windows in Akron, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Hot summer days are around the corner and that means the nights will be too hot to sleep without the air conditioning turned on. Homeowners from Akron, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, can reduce their cooling costs this summer while adding property value to their home with affordable energy-efficient replacement windows from Direct Windows. This local window company boasts the lowest window prices and a multitude of benefits with new residential window installation, such as easier window cleaning and reduced maintenance. Anyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Bath, Ohio, who knows what it’s like to dread spring cleaning or feel air drafts from windows in an older home will be amazed at the affordability when they call Direct Windows at 330.289.3793 for hassle-free installation of windows.

When a homeowner from North Canton to Bath calls a contractor or company researching the price of windows, they frequently find that the company has such high marketing and labor costs that they need to mark up their product exorbitantly. Over the years, this has created a fear in homeowners when they consider the cost of residential window installation. When someone calls Direct Windows in Akron, they avoid this problem, because this local window company buys from the same manufacturers but doesn’t have the extensive amounts of overhead. The owner is on every job site, delivering samples of colors and designs, quotations, installations, and providing superior service directly to each customer. Individuals that call become customers, because Direct Windows offers the lowest energy efficient window prices in and around Cuyahoga Falls with hassle-free installation of windows to take away any stress associated with the cost involved in exterior home repair.

Not only does Direct Windows buy factory direct and deliver the savings to everyone that calls, but they also help make people aware of the benefits of installing new windows in an Akron or Canton home. The affordable replacement windows available from Direct Windows come custom or standard in a plethora of colors and styles, adding property value and unique personality to each home. They can add décor and beauty as well as reduced window maintenance with their ability to minimize energy transfer, significantly reducing the prevalence of condensation buildup and lowering the risk of mold and possibility of respiratory issues. The UV-resistant coating virtually eliminates water spots and dirt buildup on the outside, resulting in easier window cleaning so the owner can save their valuable time not having to wash windows during spring cleaning. The UV-resistant coating blocks out the sun’s rays helps to protect the rugs, carpets, furniture, wood, and curtains inside a home from fading. Whether or not a homeowner noticed drafts from their old windows, the lower energy transfer from windows with advanced technology results in reduced cooling costs this summer. Direct Windows is the first and last place anyone need call for affordable replacement windows in Akron.

Direct Windows’ mission is to provide the best energy-efficient and technology-enhanced windows at the lowest window prices from Akron, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio. This local window company is well known for their trustworthy way of conducting business with no haggling, gimmicks, or high-pressure sales. They deliver affordable replacement windows in a vast array of colors, styles, and sizes with hassle-free installation. Anyone from Bath, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, considering residential window installation will love the additional benefits of new windows — including easier window cleaning, reduced window maintenance, adding property value to a home, and reducing cooling costs this summer. Call Direct Windows at 330.289.3793 today for windows in Akron!!!!
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