Anyone Looking for Affordable Fun Things to Do in Cleveland, Ohio, Can Visit Trapped! Escape Room This Summer

By Fiona Vernon

Summer is arguably the best time of year from Rocky River, Ohio, to Avon Lake, Ohio, with the warm breezes drifting off Lake Erie and the sun consistently shining. Whether an individual near Beachwood, Ohio, is looking for a fun family outing for Father’s Day entertainment or another is looking for a birthday party venue, Trapped! Escape Room offers puzzle games that will entertain every personality in the group. This local escape room is an indoor gaming facility with four locations throughout Cleveland, Ohio, and offers a selection of 14 different themed rooms with puzzles and riddle solving that leads to decoding the room’s challenge and escaping before the allotted time has elapsed. Anyone looking for affordable fun things to do for summer entertainment and a weekend activity will love the group gaming that sharpens their problem-solving skills at Trapped! Escape Room!

Cleveland is a thriving city with many affordable fun things to do for summer entertainment — including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a variety of other museums, a beautiful zoo with a simulated rainforest, many gorgeous parks in which to enjoy the sunshine, and so much more. Anyone who is looking for a fun family outing to get out of the heat will love the group gaming at Trapped! Escape Room. The riddle solving is not only suspenseful but also sharpens participants’ logic and problem-solving skills. The process builds camaraderie and relationships, because it compels people to work together in order to decipher the questions. People from Rocky River to Beachwood who are looking for Father’s Day entertainment will love the variety that this indoor gaming facility offers. People often visit the area from other parts of country and have found Trapped! to be one of the best venues to satisfy everyone in a group. Whitney Frame had this to say:

“So much fun! We have done a lot of escape rooms in various cities and this was one of the best! Great effects, great people. Attention to detail was awesome! Definitely will be back and we can’t wait for more rooms! If you are debating about going, don’t! It is so much fun!”

Trapped! Escape Room isn’t simply a weekend activity for anyone in and around Avon Lake, it is also the perfect birthday party and corporate team building venue. This local escape room hosts celebrations for any and every reason, as well as private events, with their party packages. The ultimate party package allows 2 ½ hours at the location of choice with a pizza catering option or meals and snacks from their catering menu. They provide a party space for 24 people with accompanying party accessories that include table coverings, plastic utensils, paper napkins, plastic cups, paper plates, balloons, bottled water, two-liters of soda, a cake cutter, and the escape room admission. There are other packages to fit a variety of budgets while being able to pick from one of 14 themes! Ashley Frank had this to say:

“We had so much fun for Courtney’s birthday party! We got to the last clue and then time was up, although we were disappointed we didn’t win, we still had fun! We did the cell and feel like if only we would have been a little better at math! Lol. We will definitely return! Thanks for the fun! Not too badly priced either! Maybe you can have a day where it’s two hours.”

Whether a group of people visiting Cleveland, Ohio, for business is looking for affordable fun things to do or a mom is looking to hone her family’s problem-solving skills while providing summer entertainment, Trapped! Escape Room offers a vast array of group gaming with riddle solving that will keep the attention of every age and personality. People in Rocky River, Ohio, and beyond looking for a birthday party venue will love this indoor gaming facility for the variety of packages and themes that they offer to fit any budget and interest. This local escape room is the perfect Father’s Day entertainment with options in everything from fighting zombies to escaping Death Row. Anyone from Avon Lake, Ohio, to Beachwood, Ohio, looking for a fun family outing or an exciting weekend activity can book their favorite themed room on Trapped! Escape Room’s website.

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