Homeowners in South Russell, Ohio, can Call Lost Pond Construction for Home Insulation to Prevent Ice Dams

By Fiona Vernon

There are numerous advantages to owning a home, and it seems like a tragedy for anyone deciding against it; however, part of owning any dwelling from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to Munson, Ohio, is the learning curve concerning maintenance issues that might arise during different seasons. Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of having water enter their home after a heavy snowfall, coming home from work to discover a gutter laying in the yard, or needs reduced utility bills has most likely been educated in dealing with the negative effects of ice dams. Individuals from South Russell, Ohio, to Bainbridge, Ohio, who have found a leak in their home and need to prevent future ice dams with an upgrade to their roof or have home insulation added can call design-build firm Lost Pond Construction for a remodeling consultation. This local home remodeling contractor utilizes state-of-the-art 3D design software so that their clients can view the exact results before the project even begins, from upgrades for roofs and attic ventilation to bathroom and basement remodels.

Homeowners from Bainbridge to Munson can rely on the decades of skill at Lost Pond Construction when they are searching for a reputable, local home remodeling contractor who can help them in their endeavor to prevent ice dams. If the damage has already been done, cleanup and repair are necessary immediately; however, prevention is best completed before the first threat of snow is even in the air. Knowing how ice dams form is the key to preventing them. Many people believe it occurs from faulty gutters, but that is false. When there is a layer of snow on a roof and inadequate home ventilation or insulation in the attic, the roof heats from the rising warm air. As the snow melts and runs down the warm roof, it hits the frigid temperature of the eaves, where the warm air from the attic doesn’t reach, causing a block of ice, or ice dam, to form. A puddle develops behind it that overflows off the roof, down the inside of the walls, and through the ceilings, causing considerable damage.

The key to preventing ice dams is to keep the roof cold, and there are several methods to can accomplish that feat. Lost Pond Construction can help any homeowner from South Russell to Chagrin Falls with the three basics of ice dam prevention — ventilate, insulate, and seal — with a simple remodeling consultation. Allowing air to circulate freely with ridge vents and continuous soffit vents will keep every inch of the roof the same temperature. Bridging the gap between the chimney and the house frame with flashing, as well as sealing lights, fans, and other openings so that warm air never enters the attic is the next step to effective prevention, and simply keeping the vents clear of snow so that warm air escapes are also valuable. Adding home insulation to the attic is the most important step for a number of reasons, including the fact that it forms a barrier that doesn’t allow warm air to ever even enter the attic, keeping warm air in the house where it should be. Lost Pond Construction is adept at preventing ice dams, while reducing utility bills, with their 3D design software that shows the client how they will achieve the end result so that there are no surprises along the way. Homeowners may find that the damage caused by an ice dam was a benefit to them in the long run with the significant savings they will notice on their utility bills after the problem was repaired. This design-build firm strives to ensure that every client believes that their home is the perfect home.

Extreme weather causes millions of dollars of damage each year, whether it’s a tornado or a blizzard. The aftereffects of a snowstorm may take a few days to present itself and can show up as huge icicles hanging from the eaves. Homeowners from Munson, Ohio, to Chagrin Falls, Ohio, can count on the reliability and excellent customer service behind the design-build firm of Lost Pond Construction to help them prevent ice dams by adding home insulation and adequate ventilation, resulting in a reduction of their utility bills. One call to this local home remodeling contractor for a consultation with their 3D design software will answer all the questions that anyone from South Russell, Ohio, to Bainbridge, Ohio, requires on how Lost Pond Construction will solve their ice dam issues and bring their home back to the perfection that it once was.

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