Homeowners in Northeast Ohio Can Call Access Solutions, Inc. for Residential Elevator & Dumbwaiter Installation

By Fiona Vernon

Work smarter, not harder. Anyone who lives by this fantastic adage can improve the efficiency of their life. People in Northeast Ohio who are growing older can keep their independence, while increasing the value of their home, by calling Access Solutions, Inc. for residential elevator or dumbwaiter installation. With a considerable decrease in the cost of materials and innovations in the home improvement industry throughout the years, it’s easier and more affordable to obtain home mobility solutions that significantly improve the ability to maintain independence. Whether someone in Cleveland, Ohio, has experienced a traumatic event that has resulted in a permanent disability or another in Norwalk, Ohio, is simply feeling the effects of growing older, Access Solutions, Inc. in Akron, Ohio, offers a variety of ways to maintain barrier-free living conditions so that they can age in place — from affordable indoor and outdoor custom stairlifts to portable and permanent access ramps.

Anyone from Norwalk to Cleveland can visit the home mobility solutions showroom at Access Solutions, Inc. in Akron so that they can peruse and test a variety of affordable curved or straight stairlifts, access ramps, and elevator models. Part of aging in place not only involves the ability to navigate stairs, it also pertains to finding creative ways to continue doing laundry and living fully in multiple floors of a home. As the human body grows older, it tends to develop typical back aches and possibly knee pain, so avoiding unnecessary strain on one’s already ailing joints and muscles can be achieved with a dumbwaiter installation. Access Solutions, Inc. carries dumbwaiters that range in weight limits from 100 to 500 pounds and allow anyone to easily transport a vast array of items between floors — including laundry, medical supplies, and groceries. They can be customized with numerous styles and features so that they blend into any décor and structure with options that include powder-coated or stainless-steel cars, roll-top or bi-parting gates, and much more.

Local and veteran-owned Access Solutions, Inc. offers 50 years’ industry experience to not only help homeowners achieve barrier-free living, but also to realize that the results can increase the value of a home. Residential elevator installation is a profitable investment that allows anyone to age in place. Moving bulky or heavy items is significantly easier; however, those who benefit the most are individuals who are finding it increasingly physically difficult to simply move about their own home. Elevators also take up less space than standard stairwells, so it may increase the usable square footage of a home. Models range from simple to extravagant and may cost less than most people think, as well as boasting numerous safety features and customization to each specification. Whether it’s a new or existing home, Access Solutions, Inc. can liberate anyone from their stairs.

With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, many in Northeast Ohio are in search of ways to maintain their independence. Access Solutions, Inc. in Akron, Ohio, can not only provide an alternative to climbing stairs with affordable stairlifts, but they also offer residential elevator and dumbwaiter installation that can improve the efficiency of everyday functioning. Homeowners will also find an increase in the value of their home with additions like access ramps, incline lifts, and elevators. Access Solutions, Inc. can help residents from Cleveland, Ohio, to Norwalk, Ohio, age in place with a vast array of home mobility solutions that allows them to maintain a level of comfort and barrier-free living for many years to come.
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