Gearheads in Long Island, New York, can Rely on Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a Custom GM 4L60E

By Fiona Vernon

Motorheads love the feel of a modified engine that comes to life underneath them and the feel of smooth shifting of the gears as they speed away. Anyone from Mansfield, Ohio, to Sonoma, California, who is looking for a transmission for a high-performance Chevy can count on the expert technicians at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. This local transmission company’s passion for high performance automatic transmissions shines through in their exceptional work. Whether someone in Long Island, New York, is in search of a GM performance transmission, like the 4L60E, or others in Atlanta, Georgia, are looking for Mopar or Ford performance transmissions, they can call Gearstar Performance Transmissions or visit their website for a wide variety of custom rebuilt transmissions.

The GM 4L60E high performance automatic transmission is designed for longitudinal engine configurations, including four forward gears and one reverse. It evolved from the 700R4, replacing the valve throttle cable with electronic control. Earlier versions are recognizable by the one-piece bell housing and the later models feature a bolt-on bell housing, as well as the six-bolt hex rear output. Its strength is remarkable and can be found in a wide variety of GM rear-wheel drive vehicles, such as the Sonoma, Taho, Yukon, Firebird, and Corvette. Gearstar Performance Transmissions can customize the 4L60E to the modified specifications that anyone from Atlanta to Sonoma presents to them. Additionally, many benefits can be found in the 4L60E — including its durability, broad application, modular design, power, and the fact that new models are continually being improved upon.

Perhaps someone in Long Island regularly races the expressway with their 1969 Chevy El Camino, which boasts a newly modified engine, but has the original 40-year old TH350 transmission. The owner wants a transmission for a high-performance Chevy with overdrive, so they call Gearstar Performance Transmissions for a custom rebuilt 4L60E. It is rated up to 450 horsepower and 425 ft/lb torque and can be custom built by this local transmission company. They achieve perfection by using superior parts, paying great attention to details, and employing only carefully selected seasoned technicians. Gearstar assigns a single builder to each commissioned project, and it is built according to the exact specifications of the engine, horsepower and torque output, rear gear ratio, and the application to which it will serve. Whether someone in and around Mansfield wants the GM 4L60E or a Ford or Mopar performance transmission, Gearstar Performance Transmissions DYNO tests with the converter the equivalent of 100 miles to ensure that it won’t leave their facility unless it is operating to perfection.

Anyone from Mansfield, Ohio, to Long Island, New York, who has spent any time in the racing industry has experienced the quality behind the custom rebuilt transmissions at Gearstar Performance Transmissions. One of their five expert technicians follow each GM, Ford, and Mopar high performance automatic transmission from start to finish so that no detail is left without analysis. Perhaps someone is looking for a transmission for a high-performance Chevy, this local transmission company can build a 4L60E, or any other preferred transmission, to the exact requirements of the vehicle in which it is going. Gearstar Performance Transmission is the ideal company for anyone from Atlanta, Georgia, to Sonoma, California, to find the exact trans for which they have been searching to complete their project!
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