Home Pure Innovations Offers the Secret to Slashing Your Heating Bills!

Now that winter weather has engulfed the Stark County, Ohio region, many residents fear their upcoming heating bills. Despite your best efforts to cut your energy costs, with low temperatures comes high energy bills. At Home Pure Innovations located in North Canton, Ohio you will discover the answer to all your heating problems: infrared heaters. You may have seen for the ads for EdenPure heaters, but do you know the benefits of using infrared heat in your Massillon, Ohio home?

Infrared heaters work much like the sun, emitting heat that is absorbed by surrounding objects which then work together by slowly releasing this absorbed heat and thus raising the overall room temperature. This allows the heaters to evenly heat the space, while using very little energy doing so. Unlike expensive home furnaces, where up to as much as 50% of the heat produce is lost through the ducts and chimney, infrared heaters can efficiently heat your Massillon home for as little as $1 a day which will cut your energy costs significantly!

A reduction in your energy bill isn’t the only benefit of using infrared heat. During the winter, you may notice that your Stark County home is drier and stuffier than normal. This kind of environment is perfect for allowing the spread of germs, bacteria and nasty viruses. Furnaces and coil space heaters remove the moisture from the air and actually affect the oxygen content, leaving your home with that stuffy feeling. This, in turn, affects our body’s ability to fend off viruses such as the flu, sinus problems and even the common cold that tend to be common in the greater North Canton region during this time of year. Infrared heat works to preserve the oxygen and moisture within your home by gently warming the moisture molecules and creating a more therapeutic heated environment that is comfortable for you and your family.

Another perk is the sense of security and safety that comes with using an infrared heater as opposed to a traditional coiled space heater. Traditional space heaters have coils that burn hot and are one of the leading sources of house fires during the winter months. With one of Home Pure Innovations’ top quality infrared heaters, you will be able to breathe easy with the knowledge that these heaters will efficiently heat your home without needing to rise to such a high temperature that it pushes the chances of reaching that combustible level within the heating elements. In fact, you will find their heaters are not hot to the touch like a traditional heater and your children and pets won’t be in danger of any unwarranted burns from contact with them.

Truly, the benefits of infrared heat greatly outweigh those of traditional means of heating, such as furnaces and those dangerous coil space heaters. And there’s nothing more comforting than knowing there are safe and efficient ways to heat your home while cutting your energy costs during those cold Stark County, Ohio winter nights. By investing in one of Home Pure Innovations’ top of the line infrared heaters, you can rest assure knowing your family will be comfortable as your Massillon, Ohio home is efficiently and thoroughly heated. To find out more about their infrared heaters, such as the ever popular EdenPure, feel free to contact Home Pure Innovations North Canton, Ohio location at 330.460.4150 or visit them in person at 5021 Whipple Ave and let them help you get started on your healthier way of living today!