Home Pure Innovations: Is Your Vacuum Leaving Behind More Than It’s Actually Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what is lurking under the surface of your carpet? Choosing the right vacuum for your Canal Fulton, Ohio home is no easy task. Carpets come in different textures and styles and not every vacuum is going to work best for the carpet in your Stark County, Ohio home. Whether you have children who constantly spill things on your carpet or have trouble with finding the correct vacuum to help with your pet hair removal, the folks at Home Pure Innovations located in Canton, Ohio, have some helpful guidelines for determining the best vacuum cleaner for you and your home!

When it comes to choosing the right vacuum for your Stark County home, you must first consider the type of flooring you have. Obviously, hardwood floors aren’t in need of a vacuum that is geared towards deep cleaning. If your Canal Fulton home is mainly carpeted, the thickness and quality of the carpet is a huge factor in which vacuum you should choose. Also, if you are a pet owner, the type of pet you have can greatly impact your choice as you should invest in a vacuum that will help with pet hair removal.

The experts at Home Pure Innovations in Canton suggest that all consumers should consider the following while on the quest for the best vacuum cleaner for their home.

Agitation: Quality vacuum cleaners have roller brushes that rotate vigorously. This rotation assists in picking up any particles from the floor and can greatly impact the performance of your vacuum.

Strong airflow: The biggest factor of effective vacuum technology is the product’s ability to provide a strong airflow. Without this airflow, the vacuum’s ability to suction unwanted pet hair, dust, dirt, etc. will be greatly diminished.

Proper Filtration: As air moves through your vacuum your filter collects any unwanted particles from it, thus filtering the air. Ensuring you have a hermetic sealed filter such as a heap filter or electrostatic filter will allow your vacuum to proper filter the dust and other particle from the air.

Powerful suction: This goes without saying, if your vacuum has a weak suction you may find you need to vacuum the same area several times to properly clean it. By ensuring you invest in a vacuum that has good agitation, strong airflow and maintaining a good clean filtration system, your vacuum should last you for quite some time.

No one likes the idea of the dirt, dust and who knows what else is lurking under the surface of the carpet in their Canal Fulton, Ohio home. At Home Pure Innovations in Canton, Ohio you will find a staff of knowledgeable experts who will gladly help in assisting you in finding the best vacuum cleaner for a reasonable price. Choosing the right vacuum has never been so simple! Whether you are looking for a way to remove some excess dust from your home to help with your allergies or just looking for top quality pet hair removal, their selection of innovated, affordable and effective vacuums will serve to keep your Stark County, Ohio home clean!


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