Hey Neighbor Installs Smart Home Thermostats to Improve a Home’s Energy Efficiency in Louisville, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

Owning a home is one of the great pleasures in life, because homeowners have the ability to arrange their space according to their own personality and comfort level. Maybe someone forgot to change their furnace before leaving for work that morning. With the appropriate equipment, modern technology has allowed them to be able to adjust the thermostat of their home from their phone or tablet regardless of the distance. Anyone from East Canton, Ohio, to Louisville, Ohio, who is beginning to realize the benefits of smart home technology can call Hey Neighbor for a smart home thermostat. Not only can this reputable heating and cooling company install a selection of products to help individuals from Minerva, Ohio, to Sugar Creek, Ohio, save on utility bills, but they have also been trusted for 30 years for annual furnace tune-ups and free furnace estimates. Anyone who has commissioned Hey Neighbor for affordable furnace, maintenance, repair, and installation can attest to the fact that they are dedicated to the satisfaction of each client by improving their home’s energy efficiency. Call 330.875.9300 today to get on the schedule!

The comfort level of a home is directly related to its temperature. Some people initially jumped on the trend of converting their space to a smart home. Those who waited for it to be more advanced will find that now there are five basic devices that can be used to make any home a smart home. Individuals from Louisville to Minerva can improve their home’s energy efficiency with a smart home transition, finding better, cheaper, and smaller technology in the present day. A smart home hub is the first step, such as Amazon’s Echo Dot or Google Home, alongside a strong Wi-Fi router. Smart plugs will convert home appliances into smart appliances for widespread control and added convenience. One of the most beneficial products is the smart home thermostat, allowing regulation of the heating and cooling system when the owner is away. They can adjust the thermostat from their phone or tablet by downloading the appropriate app. Want an experienced and reputable heating and cooling company to help make that happen? Hey Neighbor not only helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, but they also offer free furnace estimates with affordable repair, installation, and maintenance.

Hey Neighbor offers several ways to save on utility bills, such as their furnace tune-up that lowers annual repair costs while increasing energy savings. When customers from East Canton to Sugar Creek want to take advantage of the latest in technology and install a smart home thermostat, Hey Neighbor can help. Individuals who forgot to adjust the temperature settings after the time change can control these programmable thermostats from any smart phone or tablet. Home automation bundles offer all the components necessary to get anyone established on their wireless network. Bundles help with the control of everything from lighting to garage door operation and security cameras.

There is a convenience in converting an existing home into a smart home. There are basic components required for a smart home setup that can be found at minimal cost, and relying on Hey Neighbor to supply options in smart home thermostats will ensure proper installation and connection. Homeowners from Sugar Creek, Ohio, to East Canton, Ohio, can call this reputable heating and cooling company not only for a vast array of thermostats, but also for free furnace estimates on affordable repair and installation when they are experiencing temperature fluctuations in their home. It is not too late for anyone in Louisville, Ohio, and all of Minerva, Ohio, to call for their annual furnace tune-up. Individuals looking to save on utility bills and improve their home’s energy efficiency can call Hey Neighbor today!

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