Hey Neighbor Helps Louisville, Ohio, Clean Their Indoor Air with Purifiers That Kill the Coronavirus

By Fiona Vernon

Some days it feels as if the furnace is constantly running. Sometimes one room is colder than all the others. When the rooms are heating unevenly or the furnace is not blowing warm air, it is time for homeowners from Perry Heights, Ohio, to East Sparta, Ohio, to call Hey Neighbor. Homeowners can rely on the 30 years’ experience from this local reputable heating company to improve their home’s energy efficiency with a furnace maintenance package, helping to lower utility bills. They consult with their clients regarding their options of repairing versus replacing their furnace when it has reached the upper limit of its lifespan. They not only offer affordable furnace repair, but they also install smart home thermostats and help clean indoor air with purifiers that even work on the coronavirus. Individuals in North Industry, Ohio, and all Louisville, Ohio, who want superior service will love everything about working with Hey Neighbor.

There are typically only a few weeks between the time when the AC is off and the furnace is on. People are sometimes reluctant to turn on the furnace not only because of increasing their utility bills but also because they aren’t sure if it will turn on, knowing that electrical or mechanical problems, such as loose wires, can develop as it sits over the summer. Hey Neighbor has seen cases where only a simple repair is necessary; however, some calls may include the decision as to if it is time to repair or replace their furnace. This reputable heating company thoroughly explains each option to clients from East Sparta to North Industry. Regardless of their customer’s decision, Hey Neighbor provides affordable repair, installation, and maintenance packages.

Hey Neighbor can help homeowners from Louisville to Perry Heights when their rooms are heating unevenly or the furnace is not blowing warm air. The steps taken during this process, such as inspecting the wiring, the heater core, and leaks of carbon monoxide can not only keep a family safe, but it can also lower utility bills by improving the home’s energy efficiency. In addition to extending the life of the unit, annual maintenance can also prevent such issues as finding that the furnace isn’t heating each of the rooms consistently. Another way to improve a home’s energy efficiency is to have a smart home thermostat installed. Hey Neighbor also stocks air purifiers that clean indoor air by killing even the coronavirus.

Being at home more during the pandemic makes people from North Industry, Ohio, to Perry Heights, Ohio, aware of the cleanliness of their indoor air. No one looks forward to increasing heating bills as temperatures drop outside. They also do not look forward to the necessity of finding a reputable heating company when they have an unforeseen issue, such as when their furnace is not blowing warm air or their rooms are heating unevenly. Calling Hey Neighbor is like calling a trusted friend who offers affordable maintenance packages, repair, and installation as if it were on their own home. When people are concerned about cleaning their indoor air, they can also call for an air purifier that has been researched and proven to kill the coronavirus. Hey Neighbor can help with the decision of repairing or replacing a furnace, as well as contribute to improvement of a home’s energy efficiency with a smart home thermostat so that the utility bills are lower. Call 330.875.9300 today to get on the schedule!

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