Hey Neighbor Helps Limaville, Ohio, Save on Heating Bills with Pre-Season Furnace Tune-Ups

By Fiona Vernon

Fall is right around the corner and with it the need for individuals to prepare their homes for winter. Homeowners from North Lawrence, Ohio, to Limaville, Ohio, continually look for ways to save on heating bills but do not realize the effectiveness of a simple pre-season furnace tune-up. Not only can Hey Neighbor be trusted for comprehensive furnace maintenance, but they also excel at affordable furnace repairs. Many individuals disregard the importance of furnace maintenance until they are faced with having to locate a reputable heating and cooling company for an untimely, yet affordable furnace repair. If the furnace is over 10 years old, and it has come time to trust a local HVAC company for a free furnace estimate, Hey Neighbor offers a wide selection of budget options along with furnace installation financing so that each person can decide what is best suited for their circumstances. Whether someone in East Sparta, Ohio, wants to improve their home’s energy efficiency with a Trane furnace or another in Greentown, Ohio, needs help when their furnace won’t turn on, both can count on Hey Neighbor for high quality work.

Conserving money during the winter can be done, whether it is to save on heating bills or on equipment. Hey Neighbor wants to emphasize the importance of furnace maintenance when someone from Limaville to East Sparta is questioning the effectiveness of a pre-season furnace tune-up. Just as a tune-up on a vehicle can improve gas mileage, one on a heating unit can improve a home’s energy efficiency. A typical maintenance tune-up would include checking the temperature of the air expelled from the vents against the thermostat setting, tightening all electrical connections, lubricating moving parts, inspecting the condensate drain, and examining gas or oil connections, burner combustion, and the heat exchanger. Not only does this reputable heating and cooling company perform comprehensive furnace maintenance to help all homeowners from Greentown to North Lawrence save money year-round, but they also offer 24-hour emergency furnace and AC repair and installation without after hour or overtime fees.

Despite of the amount of care a heating or air conditioning unit receives from its owners throughout the years, all systems eventually deteriorate and will need replaced. It will happen in a shorter amount of time without regular maintenance; however, it would behoove anyone with a furnace that is over 15 years old and not ENERGY STAR qualified to call Hey Neighbor for a free furnace estimate before their furnace dies on the coldest day of the year. When this local HVAC company presents a client with a quote, they offer different packages and products from which to choose so that each person can determine what is best for their situation. Not only do they offer affordable furnace installation options, but also financing, knowing that many people are not ready for the expense. They install the most efficient, quiet Trane furnaces and other top brand models. They also work on many other products — including central air, electric heaters, gas furnaces, heat pump systems, mobile home furnaces and ACs, propane furnaces, humidifiers, HEPA air cleaners, electronic air filters, thermostats, and ultraviolet lamps. One of the most important habits that a homeowner can develop is to clean or change the air filters once a month. This will extend its lifespan and help it run smoothly. Programmable thermostats will also save homeowners about $180 each year in energy costs. Hey Neighbor helps prevent having to worry about what to do when a furnace won’t turn on while helping someone prepare their home for a comfortable winter.

When anyone from East Sparta, Ohio, to North Lawrence, Ohio, turns their furnace on for the first time, they do it fearing that they will have to figure out what to do if it won’t turn on, and they are not looking forward to the utility bills. They may have done everything that they could to make sure their home doesn’t have cold drafts in the winter, but they haven’t done the most basic thing — call Hey Neighbor for a routine pre-season furnace tune-up. This reputable heating and cooling company can help their customers save on heating bills; however, homeowners from Greentown, Ohio, to Limaville, Ohio, sometimes misjudge the importance of furnace maintenance, even on a Trane. Many individuals do not think about their furnace until it causes an issue, and this local HVAC company will also be there for them with their free furnace estimates and affordable furnace repair and installation with financing. There is no need to call anyone else when Hey Neighbor helps improve a home’s energy efficiency as they are preparing it for winter. Call today to get on the schedule!

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