First Glass Window & Door helps Akron, Ohio, Prepare Their Homes for Winter by Stopping Air Drafts

By Fiona Vernon

Mums and other autumn decorations are starting to adorn the porches of those who like to sit outside on cool mornings to enjoy their coffee. Fall is right around the corner, and every homeowner from Akron, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, is contemplating how to best prepare their home for the imminent arrival of winter. Everyone who has noticed climbing costs when they try to make their home comfortable even though their furnace is brand new can stop drafts around windows and doors to lower their heating bills with one phone call to First Glass Window and Door. There are many benefits to trusting this local, reputable window and door company for new replacement energy efficient windows and decorative doors — including adding curb appeal, increasing security with basement egress windows, making it easier to clean the windows in the spring, and taking advantage of the best prices. Homeowners in Stow, Ohio, and all Summit County, Ohio, who need home improvement financing with their residential window installation can be confident that First Glass Window and Door will take care of their investment as if it were their own.

A home’s purpose is to protect its inhabitants from the outside elements, and when they fail to do that, they need repaired or replaced. Something as small as drafts around the front door or coming through the edges of the window can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year. Homeowners from Hudson to Stow can call First Glass Window and Door when they want to not only stop drafts and lower heating bills, but also when they want home improvement financing on top of the best prices. The installation of residential replacement windows and doors also circumvents the need for caulking, filming, and weather stripping. The protection they offer is in their composition. They feature low-E coatings and argon gas between double panes where one pane is not enough protection in extreme temperatures. They also have a lower U-value, which is how effective a material is as an insulator, so the windows do not hold heat or cold and feel neutral when touched. This reputable window company installs affordable energy efficient windows that reduce heat loss by 10 to 20 percent. Modern replacement windows are even easier to clean with how they detach and fold inward.

While preparing a home for winter, homeowners in Akron and all Summit County taking advantage of the benefits of new windows can add curb appeal as well with energy efficient, decorative doors. Steel doors and technologically advanced locking systems on window and doors can help increase a home’s security. Additionally, building regulations now require all homes with basements to have egress windows in case of emergency. They must be at least 36 inches high and wide with a fully functioning opening. First Glass Window and Door values honesty and has been in the industry for almost 30 years. They are family-owned and operated, boast a five-star rating on all social media platforms, and carry over one million dollars in general liability and worker’s compensation coverage. The goal at this local door and window company is to help you fall in love with your home again and allow it to do its job in keeping you comfortable and safe.

A home will be one of the biggest investments a person has in their lifetime. Knowing who to call when a job needs done is important. Homeowners from Stow, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, want a reputable and local window and door company to protect their investment as if it were their own, and First Glass Window and Door does just that. They offer the best prices on energy efficient residential replacement window and decorative door installation, as well as the benefits they provide — including ease of cleaning, stopping drafts around windows and doors which results in lower heating bills, adding curb appeal, and increasing a home’s security with basement egress windows. They even do all this and offer home improvement financing to help ease the impact on their customer’s wallets. All homeowners in Hudson, Ohio, and all Summit County, Ohio, who want the best way to prepare their homes for winter can trust the experts at First Glass Window and Door.

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