Hey Neighbor Heating & Cooling Helps Hartville, Ohio, Prevent Common Furnace Problems with Seasonal Maintenance

By Fiona Vernon

Owning a home is one of the best things in the world because each person can create a space in which they can be completely themselves. The balance is the fact that it comes with maintenance to remain comfortable. Each season, homeowners from Hartville, Ohio, to Waynesburg, Ohio, must prepare their homes for winter to prevent common furnace problems. While each person can provide some amount of upkeep themselves, such as changing the air filter regularly, it is beneficial to call the professionals at Hey Neighbor for preventative seasonal furnace maintenance. This reputable heating and cooling company not only helps their clients save money on utility bills, but also provides affordable furnace checks before winter, repairs, and installation. Before winter is in full swing and the furnace isn’t heating or there is a malfunctioning thermostat, Navarre, Ohio, to Wilmot, Ohio, can rely on Hey Neighbor for everything from 24-hour emergency furnace service to checking their furnace before winter. Call 330.875.9300 to talk to the experts!

While Hey Neighbor has no problem facing any challenge that homeowners from Waynesburg to Navarre call them to solve, there are issues for which they are frequently requested. Normal deterioration can happen to any furnace or air conditioner, even with the most diligent of maintenance, so it’s important to call when unusual noises are coming from the unit. High-pitched squeals can indicate a slipped or frayed blower belt. Scraping sounds can mean worn-out ball bearings, and other loud sounds may be a sign of mechanical issues that lead to reduced airflow or clogged burners. If the unit is constantly cycling on and off, the filter might be clogged, or the thermostat is malfunctioning. A flickering pilot light in a gas furnace can mean that there is excess carbon monoxide. This reputable heating and cooling company has their customers’ safety in mind when a furnace isn’t heating, so they offer 24-hour emergency furnace repair with no weekend or overtime fees.

From having dirty air filters to not calling for seasonal furnace maintenance when preparing a home for winter, lack of upkeep is one of the most common causes of homeowners from Wilmot to Hartville needlessly spend money on HVAC repairs. When a filter isn’t regularly changed, the unit must work harder, leading to internal damage along with increased energy bills. This can even lead to a cracked heat exchanger, which can be deadly. Those who want to prevent these common furnace problems can trust Hey Neighbor to check their furnace before winter arrives. They even have a Preventative Maintenance Program that allows for inspections during the transitions of weather changes that will identify and solve potential issues that could become large, costly ones. There is only one phone call that needs to be made to save money on utility bills, and that’s to the experts at Hey Neighbor with affordable furnace repair and installation.

Whether someone in Navarre, Ohio, believes that they have a malfunctioning thermostat or another in Hartville, Ohio, has a furnace that isn’t heating, Hey Neighbor has been providing affordable furnace repair, installation, seasonal furnace maintenance, and 24-hour emergency furnace repairs for over 30 years. This reputable heating and cooling company helps their customers save money on utility bills and prevent common furnace problems by checking their furnace before it needs to be turned on for the winter. Everyone from Wilmot, Ohio, to Waynesburg, Ohio, who wants help preparing their home for winter will love the efficiency and affordability when they call the experienced and friendly experts at Hey Neighbor.

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