Great Lakes Truck Driving School Helps Residents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond with Job Placement

By Gemma Chriss

Attending a vocational college doesn’t guarantee a future career; however, such institutions typically report higher than average numbers for students who are able to obtain employment shortly after graduation. In fact, Great Lakes Truck Driving School—a reputable institution that offers CDL, heavy equipment, and oilfield safety training—boasts an impressive job placement rate among graduates. Individuals throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Moon, Pennsylvania; Monroeville, Pennsylvania; and beyond quickly discover that this trade school goes above and beyond to help students find the drilling, truck driving, and construction jobs they desire. With monthly career fairs, frequent on-campus recruitment, and more, Great Lakes Truck Driving School ensures that students have every opportunity to find the job they want.

Since most people who enroll at Great Lakes Truck Driving School are there to change career paths, it only makes sense that this vocational college should provide job placement assistance. For starters, Great Lakes Truck Driving offers comprehensive CDL, heavy equipment, and oilfield safety training to prepare students for jobs in such rewarding fields. The school employs a team of experienced instructors who provide students with a mix of textbook learning and hands-on experience to ensure that the best possible education is given. Completing one of the programs at Great Lakes TDS actually makes students more desirable candidates as this institution has earned praise from a number of corporations throughout the country.

In addition to providing students with the skills and know-how to succeed in drilling, truck driving, and construction jobs, this vocational college arms students with the tools they’ll need when applying for future jobs. Students are coached on such topics as interview skills, hiring criteria, and employment applications—important topics that many trade schools don’t cover. This also prepares students when the time comes for on-campus recruitment, as many companies send representatives to Great Lakes Truck Driving School throughout the year to find potential employees. Full-scale career fairs are also held on the campus nearly every month, bringing together companies from nearby states that are on the hunt for qualified candidates.

Individuals throughout Moon, Pittsburgh, Monroeville, and beyond should note that job placement assistance isn’t just available to current students, but anyone who has completed one of the programs offered at Great Lakes TDS. Past students are welcome to return in order to obtain help with resumes and/or interview follow-ups. The staff members at this trade school keep an updated list of open positions so individuals can better locate a particular drilling, truck driving, or construction job that interests them.

Those who are interested in attending a vocational college that provides students with the job placement assistance they need should check out Great Lakes TDS’ website at Information about the CDL, heavy equipment, and oilfield safety training available at this institution can be found online for greater convenience. Individuals throughout Moon, Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Monroeville, Pennsylvania who would like to obtain drilling, truck driving, or construction jobs are encouraged to read up on the campus recruitment opportunities at Great Lakes Truck Driving School, such as their monthly career fair. These opportunities are open to anyone who has completed their training at Great Lakes TDS, regardless of how long it’s been since they graduated.

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