Golfers in Cleveland, Ohio, Can Stay Active in Winter with an Indoor Putting Green from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

One of the things to which many people from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, look forward the most when winter weather starts to break is golf! They long for it all throughout snow and ice just to be able to feel the club between their hands again. Anyone can feel that satisfaction year-round and be one step ahead of all the other golfers by calling SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio to install a custom indoor putting green in their home. This artificial grass company provides synthetic grass installation for those who want short game practice while the snow is accumulating — whether it’s in a basement, a man cave, or an entertainment room putting green for when guests come over — with the option of greens with golf simulator games as well. Artificial turf products can also be seen February 2019 at the Cleveland Golf Show as SYNLawn hosts the Long Putt Challenge. Everyone from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, can get an edge over their competition and stay active in the winter with a private putting green from SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio.

As summer ends and fall draws near, golfers begin to mourn the fact that they can no longer look forward to golfing with customers or enjoy weekend tee times with friends. Individuals from North Canton to Canal Fulton who want to stay active in the winter while keeping their golf game in tact can call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for a custom indoor putting green. Whether someone has a man cave that would not be complete without a putting green or another has a basement or entertainment room that would be the perfect area, the artificial turf products from SYNLawn create the desired look and function. The entire family can even get involved by adding a green with golf simulator games with My Mini Golf kits. Each green is customized to the area in which it will be placed, allowing individual golfers the short game practice that will best benefit them.

February is the time of year when people from Cleveland to Cuyahoga Falls start to get antsy to be out on the greens practicing their golf game, and what better way to have some fun for a day and get back into the mental state that the game requires than to visit SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio at the Cleveland Golf Show. This artificial grass company is sponsoring the Long Putt Challenge, which is a 70-foot long sidewinder that requires the perfect line, luck, and speed because of its breaks and undulations. It’s one of the show’s most exciting competitions as the tournament-like crowd roars in appreciation when a shot is made. Contestants can win cash prizes based on the number of putts holed — one putt wins five dollars, two putts wins 25 dollars, and three putts wins 50! Golfers who have called SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for synthetic grass installation on a private putting green can see how their short game practice has paid off when they face the Long Putt Challenge.

Whether a golfer in Cleveland, Ohio, wants to stay active in the winter while practicing their short game or another in North Canton, Ohio, wants a green with golf simulator games that involves the entire family, SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio excels at putting greens customized for any area. Their synthetic grass can be installed virtually anywhere, including basement man caves or entertainment rooms. This artificial grass company can not only help warm weather lovers survive the winter with their artificial turf products, but they will also be sponsoring the Long Putt Challenge at the Cleveland Golf Show in February 2019. Everyone from Canal Fulton, Ohio, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, who longs for winter entertainment within their own home can call SYNLawn of Northeast Ohio for their own private indoor putting green.

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