Gearstar Performance Transmissions Customizes Snow Plow Truck Transmissions in Fairlawn, Ohio, for Durability

By Fiona Vernon

With all the snow that has been pummeling every inch of Fairlawn, Ohio, and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, those who landscape in the summer are working themselves and their snow plow truck transmissions to the point of exhaustion. Winter is the most demanding season and operators enter it assuming that their equipment will survive the season without damage; however, occasionally components naturally deteriorate. Anyone from Wadsworth, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, who is looking for a resilient transmission for their diesel 4×4 truck can trust the custom expertise of Gearstar Performance Transmissions. Whether it’s an Allison transmission for their GM Chevy Silverado, an E40D for their Ford F-350, or a 68RFE for their Dodge Ram, this local transmission company’s high-performance automatic transmissions will fulfill all the expectations that a hard-working transmission should be able to achieve.

Anyone from Cuyahoga Falls to Wadsworth that has experienced issues with their transmissions for diesel 4×4 trucks can rely on Gearstar Performance Transmissions to make their custom transmission a real workhorse. Allison Transmission a engineers fully-automatic transmission that is designed to increase anyone’s GM snow plow truck productivity whether it’s working in a commercial parking lot or repeatedly plowing driveways in the dark of a wintry morning. They smoothly deliver uninterrupted engine power to the wheels for excellent acceleration, effortless shifting, clear-cut traction control, and advanced maneuverability. Gearstar Performance Transmissions customizes them to perfection for heavy-duty applications, like hours of continuous snow plowing.

This local transmission company excels at customizing any transmission, whether it’s a rebuilt street rod or a 4×4. Ford trucks from Fairlawn to Alliance are some of the most popular snow plow trucks and require a transmission that can suit the hard-working needs of extended hours of abuse. Gearstar Performance Transmissions are experts at tailoring any automatic transmission to suit the specific needs of the vehicle and the task to which it is assigned. They can build their own torque converters with premium internals that solve common overheating problems present in the E40D, as well as offering a triple-disc lockup converter that has three times more capacity than stock.

The E40D was upgraded in 1998 to the 4R100, improving its durability when behind a formidable Powerstroke Diesel Engine. As the Powerstroke Engines increased in power, the 5R110W TorqShift was designed specifically for a diesel configuration. It is perfect as a snow plow truck transmission with its secondary shift sequence that engages when the ambient temperature outside drops below five degrees. It also reaches normal operating temperature in less time in cold weather with its marginally shorter fourth gear that forces higher engine RPMs.  The 68RFE transmission was introduced in 2007 with the Dodge Ram and Pickup Lines for increased torque and revised gear ratios that suit heavy, super, and extreme-duty applications. The stock 68RFE would start to fail as it acquired miles; however, Gearstar Performance Transmissions will remanufacture it with bullet-proof replacement parts, such as heavy-duty billet torque converters, upgraded valve bodies, and deep sump transmission pans that keep everything adequately cooled, while supporting over 1000 horsepower. With diesel performance and its low-end torque and weight of a Cummins-powered Dodge, the 48RE is arguably the strongest diesel tranny ever made, with its ability to sit behind an engine that can make nearly 1,800 foot-pounds at the wheels yet still be street-friendly. This local transmission company can replace any weak part of the transmission to make it worthy of all that each endeavor puts it through.

Whether it’s a GM, Ford, or Dodge performance transmission that is required to back up the diesel performance that people expect of them today, Gearstar Performance Transmissions offers the experience to construct custom transmissions that can live up to the high standards of modern jobs. Anyone from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, to Wadsworth, Ohio, who has put their 48RE or 4R100 to the test and is now in search of a worthy transmission for their diesel 4×4 truck can commission this local transmission company for durable snow plow truck transmissions with long-lasting, high-performance results. Drivers from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio, who find themselves drained after hours of clearing ice and snow and their transmission not able to handle the task will be thrilled at the results they will find with Gearstar Performance Transmissions.

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