Couples in Akron, Ohio, can Call Fraley Memory Productions for a Photo Booth Rental for Their Wedding

By Fiona Vernon

Weddings are events that match no other. They are infused with joy as the bride and groom share their special day with friends and family. The occasion is full of music, dancing, and people that don’t see each other very often getting to spend time together. Anyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio, who wants to make their wedding the event of the year and place it above all others can call Fraley Memory Productions for a photo booth rental! Any betrothed couple can call this local photography studio not only for a photo booth for their wedding for only $100 when they book a wedding photo package with them in 2018, but they also offer beautiful and affordable indoor and outdoor engagement pictures. Matter of fact, anyone who books a wedding photo package with them before March 1st, will receive a complementary mini engagement session. Any couple from North Canton, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, planning a celebration of the beginning of the rest of their lives will be thrilled at the wedding photography specials they discover when they call Fraley Memory Productions.

Numerous couples from Fairlawn to North Canton who are planning their wedding want to spend the least amount of money, while creating the most lavish atmosphere possible. Fraley Memory Productions is a husband and wife team who believes that memories should be attainable, not a luxury. They bring their positive approach to life and their clients, offering both photos and videos for families, babies, seniors, weddings, engagements, bar and bat Mitzvahs, and any other occasion that someone is looking to preserve for a lifetime. More people from Akron to Uniontown are waiting until they are older to walk down the aisle and paying more of the celebratory costs themselves, so this local photography studio wants to help each couple attain the most sound start possible. They offer their high-quality, professional pictures in the form of generous wedding photography specials that fit any budget. Anyone who books a wedding photo package before March 1st, 2018, will receive affordable engagement pictures in the form of a free mini engagement session, which includes a 30-minute sitting and 20 edited photos with printing rights. Additionally, people who book their wedding with Fraley Memory Productions in 2018 will receive a photo booth for their wedding for only $100! What an incredible way to add even more fun and memories!

A strip of candid pictures is seen many times in movies as a bookmark, someone wistfully gazing at them thinking of that fun occasion. Photo booths were first seen in New York City in the 1920s, and remained a fixture throughout the decades in public places, such as malls and arcades, for people to preserve happy memories. As digital technology progressed, photo booth rentals became more prevalent at weddings and parties in the early 2000s, and by 2016, more people were searching online for photo booth rentals than DJ’s. Fraley Memory Productions’ modern photo booth is far from the old ones that originally took 10 minutes for the entire process, since it uses an iPad to send the photos via text or email to the user! With digital technology, the user can immediately post their picture to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or share it with anyone they prefer. It even offers several sequin backdrops from which to choose so that the colors can match the wedding theme!

Weddings match the personalities of the betrothed and can be anything from an upscale gala event to a more casually-themed party. Anyone from North Canton, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, searching for affordable engagement and wedding celebration pictures can call Fraley Memory Productions for amazing wedding photography specials. They are offering free mini engagement sessions when someone books them through March 1st and a photo booth rental for only $100 when individuals book them through the end of the year for a wedding photo package. Couples from Akron, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio, will not only find that this local photography studio retains their memories in exquisite detail, but also that they provide fun and entertainment with their photo booths for weddings. Calling Fraley Memory Productions will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship that lasts the rest of their lives.

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