Fort Scott, Kansas, Calls Leonard Truck & Trailer for Easy In-House Financing on Stock Trailers

By Fiona Vernon

Kansas broke cattle processing records in the early 1900s. Livestock is a numbers game, and Leonard Truck and Trailer wants to help keep that prosperity alive for farmers from Fort Scott, Kansas, to Pittsburg, Kansas, with a wide selection of standard and mini-stock trailers. This new and used trailer dealer offers the best prices in addition to nationwide delivery and easy in-house financing. They boast an impressive variety of 700 trailers on their lot at all times with bumper pull and gooseneck trailers that include living quarter horse trailers for under 20k, cattle show trailers, utility and cargo trailers, and anything else necessary to make transportation easier. In addition to offering the highest quality products, they also have an extensive on-site trailer service department so that they can provide the best in parts and accessories for trailers, maintenance, and every sized repair. Regardless of the need, equestrians and stockyard managers alike from Nevada, Missouri, to Lamar, Missouri, can call 330.538.2112 for Leonard Truck and Trailer’s expertise.

The horse industry from Pittsburg to Nevada is quite diverse and is a major contributor to the economic growth of Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. Equestrians who engage in competitions, racing, rodeos, or trail riding need look no further than Leonard Truck and Trailer when they either want to upgrade to a living quarter horse trailer to save money when travelling or they are in need of a horse trailer under 20k. Horse lovers will not only find that this new and used trailer dealer offers the best prices, but they will also love the convenience of nationwide delivery and easy in-house financing. With the plethora of show cancellations in 2020, those who have saved money may find that this is the perfect time to invest in upgrades to their equipment and make their lives easier and safer.

Replacing expensive equipment can be nerve-wracking, but it can also be fulfilling to upgrade to a new gooseneck or bumper pull cattle show, stock, and mini-stock trailers that are more efficient than the one that they have been using for years. Not only does Leonard Truck and Trailer keep an inventory of 700 trailers on their lot, but they also offer an impressive variety of accessories and parts for trailers. Their comprehensive maintenance and repair services are second to none. Customers consider Leonard their one stop truck and trailer source with their impressive trailer service department that contains 12 bays in 11,000 square feet of space with highly trained professionals that excel at projects of every size, such as upgrades, repairs, and retrofits. They can complete any task put before them, from awning installations to axle replacements, getting people from Lamar to Fort Scott back in business as quickly as possible.

Leonard Truck and Trailer has grown from their establishment in 1963 from horse trailers with living quarters that were under 20k to the ability to offer the appropriate product for a wide range of applications. Equestrians and farmers from Nevada, Missouri, to Pittsburg, Kansas, who need bumper pull or gooseneck trailers will look no further when they find that this new and used truck and trailer dealer not only provides the best pricing, but they also offer the convenience of nationwide delivery and easy in-house financing. Individuals who need everything from mini-stock to cattle show trailers can peruse Leonard’s inventory online or call the experts at 877.888.6069. Furthermore, their trailer service department provides extensive accessories, repair, parts for trailers, and maintenance. Whether an individual in Lamar, Missouri, wants to remain close to their horses when travelling or a cattle farmer in Fort Scott, Kansas, wants to upgrade their equipment, Leonard Truck and Trailer has built their reputation for over 58 years.

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