For Custom Stalls for Your Horse Barn or Stable, Contact Des Eck Welding LLC in Holmes County!

During the summer months, your horses love to spend their time outside grazing and relaxing in the shade outside of their stable. This makes summer the perfect time to update your horse stables and barns with custom stalls from Des Eck Welding LLC in Holmes County, Ohio. These stall doors are made of only the best materials and can even be powder coated or galvanized for additional customization! Are you ready to add a few features to your horse’s stalls that you may not have originally had available? Des Eck Welding LLC is proud to offer you the options of adding wall mounted feeders for your horses hay or grain as well as swing-out water bucket holders to their stalls. These items free up more space for the horses as well as simplify things for the handler. If you’re from the Tuscarawas County, Ohio or Wayne County, Ohio area and are considering updating your horse stalls this summer, contact the professionals at Des Eck Welding LLC!

The quality conscious employees of Des Eck Welding LLC are always ready to listen to their customers to ensure the items they create for them are exactly what they need. Did you know that Des Eck Welding LLC offers custom aluminum steel and stainless steel welding fabricating up to 3/8” thick? If you’re looking to have custom stalls created for your barn or stable in the Tuscarawas Coutny, Wayne County, or Holmes County, let Des Eck Welding LLC be your stall creator of choice! Des Eck Welding LLC’s team of professionals can even powder coat your stalls in the color you prefer to match your facility. Matching stalls not only make your stable or horse barn look cleaner, but it also allows you to show off your personal style! Do you prefer the look of galvanization? Des Eck Welding LLC can help with that, too!

However, Des Eck Welding LLC offers more than just horse stalls and doors. Right now, you can add even more features to your horse’s stalls by incorporating a swing-out water bucket holder to them. These holders bring the water bucket up to a more comfortable level for your horse to enjoy as well as allow for easier access for the handler when it needs to be refilled! Wall mounted feeders are an additional feature that can make the process of caring for your horse even easier. These feeders discourage the slinging of hay and grain while keeping your horses feed off the ground so it remains clean – saving you money in the long run! Whatever your horse barn needs may be this summer, contact Des Eck Welding LLC and see what they can do for your facility!

For a company with quality conscious employees, great products, and affordable prices, Des Eck Welding LLC in Holmes County, Ohio is the place to contact! Their skilled professionals are happy to create the custom stalls you need along with other quality products for your horse barn or stable. These products include swing-out water bucket holders, wall mounted feeders for hay or grain, and more! If you’re from the Tuscarawas County, Ohio or Wayne County, Ohio areas and are considering updating the horse stalls of your facility, contact Des Eck Welding! You can reach them at their physical location or by calling 330.698.7271 today!

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