First Time Buyers in Copley, Ohio, Trust Jay’s Auto Sales for Low Monthly Car Payments to Build Their Credit

By Fiona Vernon

Jay’s Auto Sales has helped drivers from Copley, Ohio, to Creston, Ohio, learn to thrive during a pandemic. Regardless of what is happening with COVID-19, the everyday aspects of life still go on. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer has helped thousands of financially challenged people since 1986. They are there whether someone who has bad credit tried to make their car last through the winter but now needs one while reestablishing their credit or another wants to use their tax refund or stimulus check as a down payment on a truck. They make it easy by offering quick car loan approval after potential customers fill out an online car loan application. They even provide the option of payments on car repairs in their automotive service department. First-time buyers looking for affordable used cars, trucks, and SUVs can rely on Jay’s Auto Sales to help them get behind the wheel of a quality pre-owned vehicle while building their credit. Drivers from Marshallville, Ohio, to Doylestown, Ohio, looking for low monthly car payments will wonder why they waited so long to call this local used car lot (330.334.1080).

Life throws curveballs at everyone, and the past year has been challenging emotionally and financially. COVID-19 has been hard on everyone from Creston to Marshallville, and the knowledgeable and compassionate staff at Jay’s has your back. Whether a first-time car buyer needs quick car loan approval or a driver has gone through a difficult time and needs a car but has bad credit, this Buy Here Pay Here dealer was established to help precisely those who need to build or reestablish their credit. Good credit ratings are essential to buying cars, homes, and various other products, and there are methods used to ensure having it stable. One is to have a secured credit card and maintain monthly payments on time. People are surprised at how quickly their credit goes up when they keep their debt-to-income ratio balanced and pay everything on time. The next best way is to have a monthly payment on something like a car loan! This is where Jay’s Auto Sales comes in.

This local used car lot regularly has quality used vehicles rotate through at great prices, from classic VW beetles to Ford Escapes in excellent condition. Eight out of 10 customers have returned after being satisfied by the superior service they receive even after their credit is perfect, and they could go anywhere they want. They know that Jay’s offers affordable used cars, trucks, and SUVs with low monthly car payments at a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pace. They also know that their automotive service department puts each vehicle through a rigorous inspection before it even goes on the lot. They then back their vehicles by a 30-day-1,500-mile warranty with service provided at a discount if anything should go wrong with it after the warranty has expired. Additionally, they allow payments to be made on car repairs they have performed. Jay’s Auto Sales can help drivers from Doylestown to Copley invest their tax refund or stimulus check into a down payment. Get started today by filling out an online car loan application.

Regardless if someone in Marshallville, Ohio, has put off looking for a quality used vehicle because they have bad credit or a first-time buyer in Copley, Ohio, wants low monthly car payments, Jay’s Auto Sales can help both of them build and reestablish their credit. The process starts with an online car loan application that can result in quick car loan approval. This family-owned Buy Here Pay Here dealer provides affordable used cars and trucks and offers payments for car repairs in their automotive service department. This local used car lot makes it as cost-effective and smooth a process as possible with hassle-free sales and the ability to use a tax refund or stimulus check as a down payment. They want every family from Doylestown, Ohio, to Creston, Ohio, to trust them for generations to come. Stop by, visit them online, or call 330.334.1080 today!

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