Find Nerve Pain Relief with Help from Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic in Alliance, Ohio

There are a number of nerve conditions out there that can affect virtually anyone at anytime. Those suffering from diabetes are especially susceptible to nerve issues as hyperglycemia can prevent nerve cells from sending electrical signals back and forth. However, those dealing with diabetic neuropathy aren’t the only ones that should visit a leg/heel pain specialist for treatment. In fact, otherwise healthy individuals may find themselves with neuroma pain as well. Fortunately for residents throughout the Ravenna, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio areas, nerve pain relief can be found by visiting the Salem, Ohio or Alliance, Ohio office of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic.

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At Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic, the state of your lower extremities is their top priority. So, if you’re suffering from diabetic neuropathy or neuroma pain, visiting one of this podiatrist’s two clinics in Alliance or Salem is in your best interest. Regardless of whether you have other medical conditions or not, it’s extremely important that you visit a leg/heel pain specialist like the one at Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic before your nerve disorder grows more severe. Otherwise, you could find that an invasive procedure like surgery is needed when it could have been avoided earlier.

When it comes to diabetic neuropathy, a trip from your Ravenna or North Canton home to one of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic’s locations is your best chance of obtaining nerve pain relief. As Dr. Niehaus specializes in diabetic foot care, he is well-versed in the various treatment options that are available for this condition. Usually, diabetic neuropathy arises because of high blood sugar levels. By resolving this issue through diet, exercise, and insulin injections, the neuropathy may stop developing any further. In the meantime, the leg/heel pain specialist may also address the pain, numbness, or tingling of your extremities through physical therapy.

Of course, neuropathy isn’t the only nerve disorder out there. Even seemingly healthy individuals may be struck with neuroma pain concentrated between the toes and ball of the foot. A harmless growth of nerve tissue found between the third and fourth toes, a neuroma can make walking an especially painful task. Though surgery may be required if your neuroma pain has progressed too far, Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic strives to avoid such measures when possible. If your neuroma is still relatively mild, Dr. Niehaus may prescribe medication, orthotics, or special padding to reduce symptoms and prevent the condition from worsening.

Having years of experience as a leg/heel pain specialist, Dr. Niehaus of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic is more than qualified to provide the nerve pain relief you need, regardless of your particular nerve disorder. If you’d like to learn more about the treatment options available for diabetic neuropathy or neuroma pain, visit the website for Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic at If you’d like to schedule a consultation, call one of their two locations before taking the short trip from your Ravenna, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio home.

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