Fairview Log Homes Excels at Affordable Custom Log Cabin Design, Site Prep & Custom Homes for Zanesville, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

While the world feels like a smaller place because of all the technology that feeds us up-to-minute information even from the furthest reaches of the globe, there is a push for many communities to use their local resources. It makes products fresher and keeps money in the community. Supporting local is something in which a business or consumer can take great pride, and Fairview Log Homes does just that. This custom log home builder is a turn-key contractor that supports their local suppliers and community with every job that they perform from Washington, Pennsylvania, to Zanesville, Ohio. Focusing on affordable custom log cabins is has been their entire focus for over 38 years, allowing them to offer standard options for which other builders may charge extra. Their log cabin design is specific to each client, their site prep is performed flawlessly, and their Amish-built wooden houses can come adorned with amenities such as custom stone fireplaces, custom wood flooring, choices from a variety of log species, and much more. Anyone from Marietta, Ohio, to Millersburg, Ohio, wanting to upgrade to a beautiful log home can find all that they will need with one phone call to Fairview Log Homes.

People often grow up with an idea in their mind of the home in which they would like to live when they get older. Anyone from Zanesville to Marietta looking for their dream home in an affordable log cabin can count on the log cabin design from the experts at Fairview Log Homes in Millersburg. They don’t walk to their theoretical storage room and take a blueprint off the shelf, but they sit with each client and collect their ideas, combining thought processes to form the layout for the perfect Amish-built wooden house. This custom log home builder is a turn-key general contractor, able to take care of all phases of the construction process, from log cabin site prep to breaking ground to final cleanup prior to the new homeowner moving in. They can also take care of as much or as little of the project as anyone wishes, allowing the owner to have as much control as they prefer. During the process, they support local contractors so that each client knows only the best helped in the creation of their dream.

Fairview Log Homes is the preferred company to call when someone in and around Washington is looking for the best in quality products, service, and construction. Their standard homes feature 8” exterior walls, R-34 log rafter roof systems, full log dormers and gables, cedar exterior and interior trim, 10” block foundations, custom wood flooring, delta plumbing fixtures, and much more. This custom log home builder pays attention to even the smallest of details and ensures their perfection. When a family is commissioning them to build an affordable custom log cabin, modifying it can bring it to the next level. Some of the upgrades that this turn-key contractor offers include a wide variety of choices in custom wood flooring, custom stone fireplaces, stairway design, character posts, corner details, wrought iron railings, log species and profiles, and custom furniture designs. Fairview Log Homes leaves no stone unturned and when they turn the keys over to the new homeowner, they do so with the utmost confidence.

Anyone from Washington, Pennsylvania, to Marietta, Ohio, who trusts Fairview Log Homes to build their affordable dream log cabin will get the satisfaction of knowing that they support local business and contractors, as well as work directly with each client to meet specific requirements. There is no need to call anyone other than this turn-key contractor with their extensive knowledge and experience in every segment of the process — from log cabin design and site prep to construction and cleanup. Since this custom log home builder only builds affordable custom log cabins for anyone from Zanesville, Ohio, to Millersburg, Ohio, they offer a plethora of unexpected standards, as well as upgrades, like custom stone fireplaces and wood flooring, that take each Amish-built wooden above and beyond anyone’s expectations. Families who find that it’s time to upgrade and build their dream home can find all that they need with the quality homes built on time and on budget with Fairview Log Homes.

Fairview Log Homes
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