Access Solutions, Inc. Provides Alternatives to Climbing Stairs with Affordable Stairlift Installation in Kent, Ohio

By Fiona Vernon

As the baby boomers all across the country are aging, they hover a fine line between independence and the need for assistance. The majority of people from Kent, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, who are either disabled or having concerns about moving throughout their living space can seek out the assistance of Access Solutions, Inc. for home mobility solutions. Each client’s lifestyle determines what product will best meet their needs so that they can age in place, and this local stairlift company offers a wide range of products that not only provide barrier-free living, but also increase the value of homes. When homeowners from Streetsboro, Ohio, to Green, Ohio, require an alternative to climbing stairs, whether indoors or outdoors, they can find affordable stairlift, access ramps, and platform lift installation, as well as experts who have consulted on a wide variety of projects at family and veteran-owned Access Solutions, Inc. They offer more than 50 years’ combined experience in the industry and will provide compassionate care and the highest quality of products specific to each situation.

The main goal of Access Solutions, Inc. is to help people maintain their freedom and move about their lives in as close to normal a way as possible. 90% of individuals prefer to age in place, which means that they would prefer to stay in their homes and not move to an assisted living facility unless it is unquestionably necessary. There are certain steps that are beneficial when anyone from North Canton to Streetsboro is looking for affordable stairlift installations. When someone lives in a home with more than one floor or steps that need navigated to access the driveway or garage and they find that it has become increasingly difficult to safely travel those stairs, Access Solutions, Inc. offers a wide variety of alternatives to climbing stairs that fit a wide range of budgets. A consult with this local stairlift company will lead to them assessing one’s stairway — is it curved or straight, does it have landings to traverse, and what particular product matches each person’s budget and house structure.

Not only does Access Solutions, Inc. offer home mobility solutions in the form of outdoor and indoor stairlifts, but they also provide a variety of other products that allow barrier-free living. They excel at installation of access ramps for anything from granting someone the ability to bypass several stairs at a home’s entrance or to simply navigate one step down from a patio. They not only will increase the value of a home from Green to Kent, but it will make anyone’s day-to-day life feel unexpectedly normal. Their vertical and incline platform lifts are engineered for safety and comfort, while giving anyone access to every part of their home. Talking to the knowledgeable and compassionate experts at Access Solutions, Inc. can help anyone decide on the best product for their circumstances.

Whether an maturing individual in Green, Ohio, is looking to age in place with an alternative to climbing stairs or someone in Streetsboro has become disabled and requires an affordable stairlift installation, Access Solutions, Inc. provides a vast array of home mobility solutions. Their goal is to help people achieve barrier-free living so that they can remain simultaneously independent and safe. This local stairlift company can also increase the value of anyone’s home from North Canton, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, with their wide range of options in access ramps and platform lifts. Calling Access Solutions, Inc. will bring peace of mind to caregivers and freedom to many individuals with their prompt and compassionate service, attention to detail, and wide range of experiences.
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