Everyone in Tallmadge, Ohio, Will Love August Birthstone Jewelry & Custom Wedding Rings at Cevasco Jewelers

By Fiona Vernon

With the arrival of August signifying that outdoor picnics and vacations are coming to an end for the year, the anticipation of cooler evenings sitting by a fire and sleeping with the windows open are all new things to which people look forward. When fall approaches, individuals start to adopt the holiday mentality, counting down the days to Thanksgiving while planning their gift buying for Christmas. Cevasco Jewelers not only offers August birthstone jewelry as a personalized birthday gift for a loved one, but they also carry an inventory of thousands of beautiful pieces from which to choose for personal holiday wear and presents. This local jewelry store carries an impressive assortment of loose diamonds at wholesale prices and the best jewelry prices on diamond engagement rings and custom wedding ring sets. When anyone from Stow, Ohio, to Hudson, Ohio, is in search of a trusted jeweler, they must consider if the array of amenities will satisfy every jewelry need that will occur. Cevasco Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store that offers everything from exquisite custom designed fine diamond jewelry for any occasion to jewelry repair services and refurbishment, as well as vintage, antique, and estate jewelry. Anyone from Kent, Ohio, to Tallmadge, Ohio, can visit today to find everything they need at Cevasco Jewelers.

Being a summer baby lends to an assortment of available options for celebrating, since the weather is generally beautiful enough to allow outdoor or indoor events. Knowing someone with the personality that an August birthday offers is a gift in itself, and Cevasco Jewelers keeps an assortment of natural color gemstones readily available, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, that will leave everyone from Hudson to Kent breathless. In Hawaii, the August birthstone that boasts a brilliant lime green glow symbolizes the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess of fire who controls the flow of lava. Whether the birthday girl would love a custom designed piece of August birthstone jewelry made just for her or would appreciate a custom wedding ring set created with her birthstone, this trusted jeweler has the best jewelry prices and a designer with decades of experience. Cevascos also has loose diamonds at wholesale prices that can be put into any setting for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring by simply sitting down with Catherine Cevasco and allowing her to transform each specific desire into reality.

Cevasco Jewelers also provides on-site jewelry repairs and refurbishment services by fourth generation bench jeweler Tony Cevasco. He performs all fine diamond jewelry setting, gemstone, and chain repairs with the utmost care, returning clients’ items to their original beauty and luster. In addition to the impressive variety of new and custom products that they offer, this local jewelry store offers a wide-ranging selection of estate jewelry. Many do not know the difference between vintage, estate, and antique jewelry; however, it’s really quite simple. Estate describes previously owned pieces, with vintage and antique being types of estate jewelry. Antique jewelry, generally made with either yellow gold or platinum, is typically at least 100 years old, but often includes Art Deco jewels created during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Vintage jewelry is at least one generation old, with the finest crafted jewelry pieces being produced between the 1940’s and 1980’s. Visit Cevasco Jewelers to peruse their extensive collection.

Whether someone in Tallmadge, Ohio, wants a splendid piece of August birthstone jewelry for their beloved or another in Hudson, Ohio, aspires for a custom wedding ring set with loose diamonds at wholesale prices, Cevasco Jewelers offers the best jewelry prices on thousands of pieces in inventory, as well as custom designed jewelry. From diamond engagement rings to all other fine diamond jewelry, this local jewelry store also provides the highest quality jewelry refurbishment and repair services that will restore one’s bauble back to its former glory. Everyone from Stow, Ohio, to Kent, Ohio, can visit this trusted jeweler for vintage, estate, and antique jewelry. With their 90 years of experience, Cevasco Jewelers is always coming up with new designs to keep generations of customers happy.

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