Drivers in Akron, Ohio, Can Visit AJ’s Transmissions for Affordable Simple Transmission Maintenance & Repairs

By Fiona Vernon

The middle of August signifies that summer vacations are over, and school is starting. Travelling is common during nicer weather, and drivers expect their vehicles to work as hard as they play. Whether a driver from North Canton, Ohio, has pushed their high-performance transmission with tons of playtime on the street and track this summer or another in Akron, Ohio, noticed after last winter that their 4×4 transmission was slipping, AJ’s Transmissions provides free transmission diagnostics to help them prepare their vehicle for fall. When someone discovers that their check transmission or 4WD light is illuminated on the dashboard, they will find car repair financing on the already affordable transmission repairs at this local transmission shop. Most people don’t know the suggested life of their transmission fluid or even if there is a problem until it is too late; however, AJ’s can help prevent common transmission issues, such as a car shifting hard, by checking the transmission fluid to ensure the appropriate product is being used and that it is clean and full. Everyone from Dover, Ohio, to Medina, Ohio, can visit AJ’s Transmissions for everything from affordable intricate transmission rebuilds to simple transmission maintenance.

It used to be a common practice for older generations to trade their cars in every three years for a new model; however, the advancements in automotive technology over the past few decades have allowed cars to stay on the road an average of 11.5 years. Over 14 million vehicles that are 25 years old can be found on the road, so drivers are no longer nervous about the car or truck that they rely on breaking down after even five years. With the increased age of cars that people are driving from Akron to Dover, anyone can visit AJ’s Transmissions for simple transmission maintenance. Checking transmission fluids periodically is just as important as checking the oil in a car — even when most manufacturers recommend that flushing isn’t necessary until about 100,000 miles. This local transmission shop flushes transmission fluids by removing the old fluid, making sure no deposits have built up, replacing the filter, and refilling it with fresh fluid. AJ’s Transmissions can help keep any new and used car on the road where it belongs.

AJ’s Transmissions not only helps prevent common transmission issues with regular maintenance, but they can also help everyone from Medina to North Canton prepare their vehicle for fall. Perhaps someone’s 2011 Dodge Challenger’s high-performance transmission is shifting hard. This local transmission shop offers car repair financing on any affordable transmission rebuild or repair that might be necessary to get anyone back behind the wheel. Individuals can stop in at their convenience or visit AJ’s Transmissions online for free transmission diagnostics when their check transmission or 4WD light comes on. Those who plan on working their 4×4 transmission hard throughout the approaching winter can also rely on AJ’s to make sure that there is enough fluid and that it isn’t dirty, since it can cause the transmission to slip. For over 25 years, they have been trusted to make transmission issues disappear.

Some people look forward to cool nights in front of a fire in the autumn. Even if someone is sad to see summer go, it would still behoove them to take the time to prepare their vehicle for fall. AJ’s Transmissions offers everything from simple transmission maintenance with the checking of transmission fluid to free diagnostics when a check 4WD or transmission light lights up. Anyone from Dover, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, who believes that their 4×4 or car with a high-performance transmission is shifting hard or slipping can visit this local transmission shop for free transmission diagnostics and estimates on their affordable transmission repairs or rebuilds. They know that many people aren’t financially prepared for an unexpected issue, so they offer car repair financing to get their customers back on the road with as little damage as possible to their pocketbooks. Drivers from Medina, Ohio, to Akron, Ohio, can count on the experts at AJ’s Transmissions to repair or prevent common and challenging transmission issues with one quick visit or phone call!

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