Everyone Can Trust Fitness Equipment Sales for Commercial Gym Equipment & Service in Nashville, Tennessee

By Fiona Vernon

Individuals who decide to start their own business do so with a fiery passion for the product or service that they represent and the belief that they will be improving people’s lives. It takes commitment, dedication, and many hours to build a business, but the result is well worth it when someone witnesses a smile on a customers’ faces. Anyone from Nashville, Tennessee, to Charleston, South Carolina, who has purchased commercial gym equipment or taken advantage of the exercise equipment service, repair, and maintenance programs for Fitness Equipment Sales knows that they offer the highest quality in products and people. Their knowledgeable staff has been carefully chosen so that they can offer the latest information regarding the fitness industry. FES is the longest standing commercial fitness company in the state of Georgia, with the original founders still highly involved and in its everyday functioning, between visiting commercial customers and fitness facility design. Not only does Fitness Equipment Sales supply a wide selection of commercial treadmills, elliptical trainers, weight benches, and more, but they also provide comprehensive services, including fitness facility service, that makes them the preferred company for everything fitness from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Greenville, South Carolina.

Donnie Floren and his wife, Veleta, started Fitness Equipment Sales in 1991 to help fitness facilities find solutions to their specific needs. In their 26 years, they have seen many companies come and go, but their perseverance to customer satisfaction and their ability to listen to each unique situation are what helps them provide clients from Charleston to Nashville with their perfect commercial gym equipment and fitness facility service. Donnie is the main contact for commercial sales and Veleta is still involved in fitness facility design, one of the many services in an extensive mixture that they offer. Many schools, multi-housing units, parks and rec departments, and corporate fitness centers looking for advice get the privilege of working with the original founders. Their decades of experience enables them to find suitable options in fitness facility design, layout, products, and service. They listen to the prerequisites of each client and work with them to find suitable exercise equipment, repair, and maintenance programs, whether it’s a basic commercial treadmill and weight bench or a more modern and comprehensive adaptive motion trainer. Since most buyers aren’t well-versed in fitness facility setup, they can accommodate specified budgets and space requirements.

Fitness Equipment Sales has grown over its 26 years, building relationships with many repeat customers because of their ability to provide solutions. Perhaps they receive a call from Knoxville on a problematic commercial adaptive motion trainer, and they send a technician to analyze the situation. No one can beat the service this commercial fitness company provides, because, if there is a part that needs ordered and the equipment will be unusable, Fitness Equipment Sales will deliver a loaner piece of equipment so that they facility doesn’t experience any downtime. Whether a school gym in Greenville has commercial weight benches that need examined or a hotel has treadmills that need maintenance, FES will go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are not inconvenienced. They are committed to the full satisfaction of every company with whom they partner.

Fitness Equipment Sales serves the commercial gym equipment needs for facilities from Nashville, Tennessee, and Knoxville, Tennessee, to Charleston, South Carolina, and Greenville, South Carolina, and everywhere in between. The original founders are still involved on a daily basis, and FES can be relied upon to guide anyone through the entire process of fitness facility design to ensure that their budget, layout, and overall needs are met. Businesses searching for commercial treadmills, weight benches, adaptive motion trainers, and any other fitness product, as well as exercise equipment maintenance programs, repair, and service, can trust the decades of experience and the manufacturer-trained personnel at Fitness Equipment Sales. This commercial fitness company will exceed every expectation beginning with consultation and design, to delivery and installation, and through to fitness facility maintenance and service.

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