Drivers in Wooster, Ohio, Can Improve Their Credit Score with an Affordable Used Car from Jay’s Auto Sales

By Fiona Vernon

The time leading up to the holidays is so full of celebrations, shopping, and baking that people barely have time to think of themselves; however, as the new year approaches, individuals naturally start to reflect on their past and consider what they can do to better their lives. Improving one’s health is on the top of many lists, but so is improving oneself financially, and several steps can be taken to accomplish this deed. Jay’s Auto Sales is a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer that not only helps people from Wooster, Ohio, to North Canton, Ohio, obtain affordable used cars, trucks, and SUVs, but they also help people save money with their first responder and military car discounts. This local used car dealer helps everyone from Barberton, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, improve their credit scores by reporting to credit companies and matching them with a loan that best suits their situation.  Whether someone is looking for car financing and they have bad credit, or another simply wants a great vehicle, they will wonder why they didn’t visit Jay’s Auto Sales sooner!

Patience is essential when someone wants to take the steps necessary to improve their credit score, because it can be a long and involved process. Gradually eliminating credit card balances to improve their debt to credit ratio is what most likely will take the longest; however, small monthly steps such as paying bills on time will make a drastic improvement. Two excellent habits to create that will help improve one’s ailing credit score is to open a secure credit card and have a small car loan that are paid on time every month. With the secure credit card, only charge a small amount and pay it off each month. When drivers from Wooster to Fairlawn are looking for a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer for car financing with bad credit, they can visit Jay’s Auto Sales for affordable used cars, trucks, and SUVs. This family-owned local used car dealer has been helping the community for 31 years and was established because they wanted to create a better life for the many who are credit challenged and trying to improve their situation.

Jay’s Auto Sales offers a relaxed, no-hassle atmosphere, regardless of someone’s past credit issues. People are so comfortable with them that eight out of 10 buyers are either referred or repeat customers, even long after their credit issues have been rectified. One of the everyday benefits that this local used car dealer offers to its customers from North Canton to Barberton is the first responder or military car discount of $500. Another advantage is their remarkable service department,  putting every car on their lot through a rigorous inspection, as well as offering discounts on all after-sale services if they are needed after their impressive 1,500-mile, 30-day warranty runs out. Jay’s Auto Sales’ reputation of being kind and honest has preceded them throughout the years.

With 2018 fast approaching, people from North Canton, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio, who are looking for a local used car dealer to help them improve their credit score can count on the trustworthy and honest practices of Jay’s Auto Sales. This Buy Here Pay Here dealer not only offers affordable used cars, trucks, and SUVs, but they also will exceed anyone’s expectations from Barberton, Ohio, to Wooster, Ohio, with their additional military and first responder car discounts. Anyone who visits Jay’s Auto Sales will appreciate their efforts on car financing people with bad, fair, or good credit. The thousands who have gotten back behind the wheel because of Jay’s Auto Sales can attest to the fact that they can improve many situations. People may walk onto the lot as a stranger, but will leave as a friend.

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