Drivers in Fairlawn, Ohio, Can Rely on AJ’s Transmissions for Hydraulic, Cable, or Linkage Clutch Repair

By Fiona Vernon

The heat of summer is in the rearview mirror, making individuals who love the brilliant colors and moderate temperatures of fall very happy. The checklists that people have for fall may contain tasks that help them prepare their homes or cars for the harsh winter around the corner, and AJ’s Transmissions can help everyone from Fairlawn, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, ensure that their vehicle is in perfect working order. Anyone whose check transmission light is illuminated or has noticed symptoms of a bad clutch — such as their car slipping out of gear, won’t go into gear, or grinding when shifting gears — can either call or visit this local transmission shop for free transmission diagnostics on hydraulic, cable, or linkage clutch repair. Drivers from Richfield, Ohio, to Uniontown, Ohio, who are looking for car repair financing on affordable transmission rebuilds and repairs can count on the 25 years’ knowledge and experience behind family-owned and run AJ’s Transmissions.

Automotive technology has evolved, and when anyone from Strasburg to Richfield is looking for a family-owned business that can handle any automotive problem presented to them, they can rely on the specialists at AJ’s Transmissions. This local transmission shop excels at all variations of manual and automatic transmissions. They have grown with the advancements in the car world and can handle everything from the complications of the newer dual-clutch or semi-automatic transmissions in high-end performance cars to the traditional hydraulic, cable, or linkage manual clutch repair. The clutch is the connection point between the vehicle’s engine and transmission, and pushing in the clutch pedal breaks this connection, allowing the driver to shift gears. Clutches can develop problems engaging or disengaging; however, drivers can have less anxiety when they bring their vehicle that is showing symptoms of a bad clutch to AJ’s Transmissions for free transmission diagnostics, including the car slipping out of gear or grinding when shifting gears.

Whether a driver in Uniontown has noticed that the check transmission light is on in their Lexus or another in Fairlawn has a Honda Civic that won’t go into gear, AJ’s Transmissions provides car repair financing on their already affordable transmission repairs and rebuilds. While manual transmissions are significantly less complicated than their automatic counterpart, there are still multiple variations that require extensive proficiency to repair. This local transmission company has spent 25 years honing their knowledge so that they can repair anything from normal deterioration to the negative effects that are found when someone has the habit of “riding the clutch”, which is constantly driving with a foot resting on the clutch pedal. This results in the clutch not being able to fully engage with the flywheel, causing premature wear on it and the disc. AJ’s Transmissions can remove the worn-out clutch and install a new one. By avoiding “riding the clutch”, a manual transmission should last for many years.

Transmissions are an intricate piece of machinery that require the skilled hands of the team of mechanics at AJ’s Transmissions. Whether the car is automatic or standard, foreign or domestic, or high-performance race, diesel, RV, or commercial vehicle, this local transmission shop has car repair financing on their already affordable transmission repairs and rebuilds for drivers from Richfield, Ohio, to Fairlawn, Ohio. The specialists know the symptoms of a bad clutch and offer free transmission diagnostics on hydraulic, linkage, and cable clutch repair when a car is slipping out of gear, it won’t go into gear, or it grinds when shifting gears. Everyone from Uniontown, Ohio, to Strasburg, Ohio, can visit or call AJ’s Transmissions anytime they notice their check transmission light is on to prevent any small issues from turning into a much larger, expensive one. One stop today will be the only step necessary to stay safely on the road.
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