Drivers in Akron, Ohio, Can Call AJ’s Transmissions if It Is Slipping or Their Overdrive Light is Blinking

By Fiona Vernon

For a couple of weeks, there seemed to be no break in sight of the snow that kept pounding every inch of the ground from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to Alliance, Ohio. Even with the occasional break in frigid temperatures and ice, everyone who has lived in and around Akron, Ohio, for any amount of time knows that it’s coming back with a vengeance before spring arrives. The most damaging time of year for any transmission is the winter, and if one is doomed to fail, it will do so on a frosty day. Whether someone notices that their vehicle’s check transmission light is on or their transmission is slipping, calling AJ’s Transmissions for an affordable transmission repair will prevent being stuck on a cold, dark back road in a broken-down vehicle. The harsh weather not only negatively affects passenger vehicles, but causes 4×4 truck problems as well. Snow plow truck drivers in Wooster, Ohio, and beyond expecting heavy-duty effort from their Ford F-350 may notice that their overdrive light is blinking, indicating a four-wheel drive or general transmission issue. They can rely on the 25 years’ experience of this local transmission shop if they find the need for an affordable transmission rebuild. A quick visit to AJ’s Transmissions can get anyone a free diagnosis, an estimate, and back on the road in no time!

The biggest enemy of any transmission is heat, so the goal is to keep it within a certain temperature range during every task. If a snow plow truck driver in Wooster finds that he is constantly having a 4×4 truck problem, he can call the experts at AJ’s Transmissions for an affordable transmission rebuild. They know that those who clear snow demand extreme performance from their Chevy Silverado’s 4L60E and can lose money if they don’t pay attention to their blinking overdrive light or their illuminated check transmission light. Having pre- and post-season preventative maintenance performed by this local transmission shop can help to prevent downtime for maintenance issues, as well as save money on overall repairs throughout the season. Specific daily habits can also be put into place to prevent the overheating of a transmission — including the avoidance of spinning tires, slow acceleration for better tire grip, and letting the truck idle for about 10 minutes between jobs to cool as much as possible. Perhaps someone in New Philadelphia has a Ford Super Duty transmission that is slipping, AJ’s transmissions can add an aftermarket cooler and more specialized torque converter, resulting in a durable and powerful transmission that will live up to hard-working expectations!

If someone in and around Alliance had been stuck in their driveway and was desperately spinning their tires in an attempt to get out, they may now find that their check transmission light is on, and their car is hesitating when they step on the gas. Their efforts at freeing themselves may have caused some issues that require a call to AJ’s Transmissions for an affordable transmission repair. The best option when stuck in snow or ice is always to be towed out, but rocking the car by switching from forward to reverse may work. This must be done carefully so as not to overheat the transmission, as well as the avoidance of shifting gears before it has disengaged from the converter clutch. Another important factor in transmission health is fluid viscosity, because the ability to lubricate is reduced when the fluid is cold and thick. Warming the car for a few minutes and driving slowly for the first few miles, allowing it to reach normal operating temperature, can go a long way in preventing the need to call AJ’s Transmissions, but they are trustworthy and reliable when they are needed!

AJ’s Transmissions has been serving the Akron community and beyond for over 25 years and is skilled at every type of foreign and domestic transmission regardless of age, including:

  • Standard and Automatic
  • Cars, Trucks, and Vans
  • 4×4 Diesels
  • Plow Trucks
  • High-Performance Race Vehicles
  • Diesel Trucks
  • School Buses
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • RVs

Harsh winter weather can create unforeseen issues in vehicles, causing an upheaval in people’s lives. Some of this can be avoided with regular preventative measures from AJ’s Transmissions in Akron, Ohio. People work hard and expect the same from their vehicles, but sometimes they unknowingly do things to them that will cause damage. Whether a snow plow truck driver in Alliance, Ohio, is having a 4×4 truck problem and her overdrive light blinking, or a bank manager in Wooster, Ohio, notices his check transmission light is illuminated and his vehicle’s transmission is slipping after being stuck in his driveway, this local transmission shop offers affordable transmission repairs and rebuilds. It’s only a short drive from New Philadelphia, Ohio, to AJ’s Transmissions for a free diagnosis and estimate to stay on the road and safe.
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