Dream Log Homes by Fairview Log Homes in Winesburg, Ohio Give Families Room to Reconnect

Most agree that modern families are short on quality time. As a result, many lack the bonds that melded previous generations together. Distance is a common cause for current day separations since career moves commonly lead to new time zones. Some families with roots in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania try to connect over holidays. Others with ties to Carmel, Indiana and places near Putnam, West Virginia plan group vacations. And although each method works on occasion, neither enables unlimited experiences like a family log home. Select yours from the dream log homes that Fairview Log Homes builds, and the log home company in Winesburg, Ohio will deliver turn-key luxury.

If the word luxury doesn’t fit with what comes to your mind when you think of a log home, Fairview Log Homes has a slew of surprises for you. Although the log home company offers multiple, customizable layouts, its staple features are fascinating. This includes rustic, hand-scraped hardwood flooring, eight-foot log walls, Delta plumbing fixtures, and ProVia entry doors along with Anderson windows and patio doors. And since many of the layouts are designed to allow families to embrace nature, those windows can cover entire walls.

Multiple levels, wrap-around porches, balconies, and decks also adorn the dream log homes built by the team in Winesburg. That means you can incorporate as many rooms as you need to accommodate your family members in Mount Lebanon and those who have moved away. Grandparents from Carmel with grandchildren who live across the country can include massive fireplaces for major snuggle time. And people in Putnam with more personal preferences can join the builders from the log home company during construction.

In fact, anyone who chooses one of the dream log homes we’re detailing here has to option to add their own details while their log home is being built. The designers at the log home company aim to bring each of their customers’ visions to life. They realize that for some, that requires hands-on involvement. And with a bit of advanced planning, it is easily worked into construction schedules. Whether that means nailing your first few nails with your sons or recreating your grandmother’s kitchen from memory, it can happen with Fairview Log Homes.

Once your log home is complete, countless memorable experiences can and will happen next. And there will be no delay between building and bonding since Fairview Log Homes provides turn-key construction. When the team from the log home company pulls off, your family from Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Carmel, Indiana; or Putnam, West Virginia can pile in! Dinners, movies, games, and long overdue face-to-face chats will pass the time as laughter fills the air. But before the good times can begin, you have to go to www.fairviewloghomes.net and see the dream log homes for yourself. When you decide which fits your family, call 330.359.5726 and make your preferences part of the plan!

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